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Computer Science

Past Capstone Topics


Fall 2010

Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Professor Zhang

Spring 2010

Statistical Data Analysis and Visualization, Professor Grossberg

Fall 2009

Prof. Nelly Fazio: [further detail]

Spring 2009

Prof. George Wolberg: [further detail]

Fall 2008

Prof. Irina Gladkova: [further detail]

Spring 2007

Fall 2006

Summer 2006

  • Prof. Izidor Gertner: Real-Time Embedded Systems : [further detail]

Spring 2006

  • Prof. Jie Wei: Vision Based Digital Library

Fall 2005

  • Prof. Esther Levin : Spoken Dialog Systems and Voice XML
  • Prof. George Wolberg : Image Processing, Graphics, and Vision

Fall 2004