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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Nelly Fazio

Assistant Professor


Grove School of Engineering


Computer Science


Shepard Hall SH 279

p: (212 ) 650-5151

f: (212) 650-5381


  • Profile

  • Courses Taught

    • Fall 09: Applied Cryptography (CSc 59866, City College of New York)
    • Spring 09: Modern Cryptography (CSc 85030, Graduate Center)
    • Fall 08: Computer Security (CSc 48000, City College of New York)


  • Research Interests

    Cryptography and Information Security, Content Protection and Forensics, Identity-Based Cryptography, Access Control, Zero Knowledge.

  • Publications

    • Danfeng Yao, N. Fazio, Yevgeniy Dodis and Anna Lysyanskaya Forward-Secure Hierarchical IBE with Applications to Broadcast Encryption Schemes. IOS Press Cryptology and Information Security Series on Identity-Based Cryptography (Eds. M. Joye and G. Neven). 2008.
    • Mikhail Atallah, Marina Blanton, N. Fazio, and Keith Frikken, Dynamic and Efficient Key Management for Access Hierarchies. ACM Transaction on Information and System Security (TISSEC). 2009
    • Yevgeniy Dodis, N. Fazio, Aggelos Kiayias and Moti Yung Scalable Public-Key Tracing and Revoking. Invited at the Journal of Distributed Computing. 2005.


  • Additional Information

    • The City College of New York Department of Computer Science
    • CAISS Center The Graduate Center Department of Computer Science


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