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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Ngee-Pong Chang

Director, CCNY – China Exchange; Fellow, American Physical Society; Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Division of Science




Marshak 311

p: 212-650-6884

f: 212-650-6940


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  • Profile

    Professor, Physics Department, City College of CUNY, New York (1966 - )

    Visiting Professor, Physics Department, City College of CUNY, New York (1965 - 1966)

    Research Associate, Rockefeller University, New York (1964 - 1965)

    Research Associate, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey (1963 - 1964)

    Research Associate, Columbia University, New York (1962 - 1963)

  • Education

    B.S., Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; Ph.D., Columbia Univ.
  • Research Interests

    Research Interest:

    Theoretical High Energy Physics

    Enriching the Standard Model:

    Following the suggestion of Friedberg-Lee, we introduce an extended family
    of sextuplet CP-even and triplet CP-odd Higgs fields that couple to the 3
    generations of quarks. The Lagrangian is itself CP-conserving. But as a
    result of the spontaneous symmetry breaking of the Higgs potential, CP is
    broken. This extension of the Standard Model leads to observable CP
    oscillations at the LHC. Work in this direction is in progress.

    Preliminary results were reported at the 1st IAS- Winter School on Particle
    Physics, Cosmology, and Implications for Technology, NTU, 9 - 31 January,
    2012 ( )

    Tritium beta decay experiments hint at tachyonic mass for electron
    ( )

    Is there a consistent field theory for such faster-than-light neutrinos ?
    The answer is yes
    ( Modern Phys Letters A 16, 2129 (2001)

    How does a tachyonic mass affect the endpoint of tritium ?-decay ?
    See for a complete field-theoretic
    treatment of the decay spectrum, including the complex energy modes of the
    tachyon pole.

  • Publications

    * Selected Publications** *

    The Elusive ? mass since 1933, Int'l J Mod Phys A24, 3297 (2009);

    Five Decades after the Revolution: what do we know about the Neutrino ?,
    Int'l J Mod Phys A23, 4415 (2008)

    Oscillations of Faster than light Majorana Neutrinos: *A Causal Field Theory
    *, Modern Phys Letters A *16*, 2129 (2001) ; hep-ph/0105153

    Chiral Restoration in the Early Universe: *Pion Halo in the Sky*, Nucl Phys
    Proc Supp *43*, 308 (1995)

    Spacetime Quantization of BPFTW Action: *Spacelike Plasmon Cut & New Phase
    of the Thermal Vacuum*, Phys. Rev. *D51*, 4512 (1995)

    Chiral Current at High Temperatures, Phys. Rev. *D50*, 5403 (1994)

    Nambu Goldstone Bosons & Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in QCD at High
    Temperatures, *with L.N. Chang*, Phys. Rev. *D 45*, 2988 ('92)

    Signature for Chiral Symmetry Breaking at High Temperatures, *with L.N.
    Chang and K.C. Chou*, Phys. Rev. *D43*, 596 ('91)

    Duality in compactified string theory, *with** D.X. Li*, Phys. Rev. *D42*,
    511 ('90)

    Evolution of Weinberg's Gluonic CP operator and Gauge Dependence, *with **D.X.
    Li*, Phys. Rev. *D42*, 871 ('90)

    Cosmological Constant & the Asymmetric Orbifold, *with **D.X. Li, J.
    Perez-Mercader*, Phys. Rev. Lett. *60*, 882 ('88)

    STr M2 Sum Rule for A General Class of Kähler Potentials, *with **J. Leon, J.
    Perez-Mercader*, Mod. Phys. Lett. *A2 *, 937 ('87)

    Bifurcation & Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in a Renormalisation Group
    Improved Field Theory, *with L.N. Chang*, Phys. Rev. Lett. *54*, 2407 ('85)

    Renormalisation Group Analysis of Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in QCD,
    with *L.N.
    Chang*, Phys. Rev. *D29*, 312 ('84)

    Dynamical Generation of Fermion Masses, *with* *D.X. Li*, Phys. Rev. *D30*,
    790 ('84)

    *N=1* Supergravity with Nonminimal Coupling: A Class of Models, *with* *S.
    Ouvry* *and* *X.Z.* *Wu*, Phys. Rev. Lett. *51*, 327 ('83)

    BRS and Decoupling, *with **A. Das, D.X. Li, D.C.Xian, X.J. Zhou*, Phys.
    Rev. *D25*, 1630 ('82)

    Two Loop Analysis of sin2 q and MX, *with **X.Z. Wu*, Phys. Rev. *D25*,
    1425 ('82)

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