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City College of New York

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHEMISTRY 32002 Syllabus

Biochemistry I   

Lecture:    Twice a week, 1 hr 15 min


Textbook: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 5th Edition, W. H. Freeman. ISBN 978-0-7167-7108-1.

And update handouts.



4 exams, drop one, 33.33% weighting for each counted exam

There will be four equally weighted exams including the final exam during finals period. Each exam will last 75 minutes. If you take all four exams, then the lowest grade of the four will be dropped. If you are absent during an exam for any reason, then the missed exam is the only exam that will be dropped. Any student who misses two of the four exams, for any reason, will be deemed to have missed ³50% of the course assessment tools and will therefore receive a W or F, depending on which exams are missed. A make-up exam will be given only if certain documentation* is provided within 2 weeks after each of two absences. Unannounced quizzes may be given (more information below). End of Chapter problems: Working out problems at the end of the chapters will help you learn the course material. The simpler ones are useful for testing your reading comprehension of the chapter. While familiarity with all chapter problems is ideal, a limited number of problems of interest to the instructor will be listed for each chapter.


                  ****Reading Assignments and Lecture Topics****

Mondays 2:00-3:15 PM

Wednesdays 2:00-3:15 PM

January 29     Ch 1+2

January 31       Ch 3

February 5     Ch 3      

February 7       Ch 4    

February 12    No Class (Linclon’s B’day)

February 14     Ch 4

February 20 TUESDAY CLASS    Ch 5

February 21     Ch 5

February 26    Exam Ch 1-5

February 28     Ch 6

March 5          Ch 6    

March 7           Ch 6

March 12        Ch 7

March 14         Ch 7           

March 19        Ch 8

March 21         Ch 8

March 26        Exam Ch 6-8

March 28         Ch 27

April 2             No Class (Spring Break)

April 4           No Class (Spring Break)

April 9             Ch 27

April 11         No Class (Friday Schedule)

April 16           Ch 10

April 18            Ch 10

April 23           Ch 11

April 25     Ch 11 & Ch 12 (12.1 - 12.2)

April 30       Exam Ch 27, 10-12

May 2         Ch 13 (13.1 - 13.3)

May 7       Ch 14 (14.1, 14.3)

May 9       Ch 16 (16.1-16.2)

May 14     Ch 17 (17.1-17.2)

May 16       Ch 19 (19.1-19.2)


Final Exam Ch 13, 14, 16, 17, 19 Tentative date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 1 PM


Last day for “W” grade is April 16.

Instructor’s notes will be posted on Blackboard, and some grades and communication will also go through Bb. Please make sure that your correct email address is registered with Bb through CUNY Portal.


Reading assignments: Most classes cover approximately half of a chapter, and related material. Read carefully each entire assigned chapter prior to the first class period when the chapter is to be covered. I recommend reading the chapter twice carefully before class. Review relevant concepts from the pre-requisite courses as needed in order to understand the chapters. You may be given an unannounced quiz on the reading assignment at the start of class if compliance with the reading assignments appears to be low.



Academic Integrity: The CCNY policy on academic integrity will be followed, as per the document posted on the CCNY website ( Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the college. Cases where academic integrity is compromised will be administrated according to these rules.



Official Learning Outcome for Chemistry 32002 (the course formerly known as 45902):

A detailed understanding of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, lipids, carbohydrate metabolism, molecular evolution, and the flow of genetic information in organisms related in evolution. An appreciation of natural selection as a context for understanding biochemistry.


*Documentation needed for make-up exam. Within 2 weeks of each of two missed exams, please provide a written dated or time-stamped letter from a clinic or doctor’s office indicating you were too sick to attend the exam. The letter should include a way to reach the attending physician or clinic. Please provide the information for both absences.


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