Undergraduate Courses

In order to move forward in the Chemistry sequence, all prerequisites must be passed with a grade of C, or better.  C- or D are not considered passing grades for Chemistry courses.

Note:  Non-science majors (only) are eligible to take the course, Exploring Chemistry, described below.

           Chem. 11000 - Exploring Chemistry
           An introduction to the basic ideas of chemistry, together with an understanding of
           the process by which scientific knowledge is gained. Simulated laboratory exercises
           will illustrate how experiments are done. The course will also show how a basic knowledge
           of chemistry leads toward an understanding of a problem that is becoming of critical
           importance, climate change.

Note: The following course numbers have recently changed:

  • CHEM 45902, Biochemistry I, is now CHEM 32002.
  • CHEM 45904, Biochemistry Lab, is now CHEM 32004.
  • CHEM 33500, Physical Biochemistry, is now CHEM 43500.  
    The prerequisites for CHEM 43500 also now include Biochemistry I


Please see the current  Undergraduate Bulletin for Chemistry course descriptions


CHEM 11000, Exploring Chemistry

CHEM 10301, General Chemistry 1

CHEM 10401, General Chemistry 2

CHEM 24300, Quantitative Analysis

CHEM 26100, Organic Chemistry 1

CHEM 26200, Organic Chemistry Lab 1

CHEM 26300, Organic Chemistry 2

CHEM 27200, Organic Chemistry Lab 1 for Majors

CHEM 37400, Organic Chemistry Lab 2

CHEM 32002, Biochemistry 1

CHEM 32004, Biochemistry Lab

CHEM 33000, Physical Chemistry 1

CHEM 33100, Physical Chemistry Lab 1

CHEM 33200, Physical Chemistry 2

CHEM 40700/A1200, Environmental Organic Chemistry

CHEM 42500/B1000, Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 43400, Physical Chemistry Lab 2

CHEM 43500, Physical Biochemistry

CHEM 48000/A8005, Biochemistry 2


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