Steering Committee



  • Doris Cintrón (Co-Chair), Senior Associate Provost, Academic Affairs, Accreditation, and Assessment

  • Edwin Lamboy (Co-Chair), Dean, Education

    • David Jeruzalmi, Professor and Senate Chair, Chemistry

    • Rajan Menon, Professor, Political Science

    • Renata Miller, Deputy Dean, Humanities & Arts

    • Jane Gallagher, Chair, Academic Standards

    • Tricia Mayhew-Noel, Administrator, Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    • Joshua Wilner, Professor, English

    • Yvel Crevecoeur, Assistant Professor, Special Education

    • Marta Gutman, Professor, Architecture

    • Tony Liss, Provost

    • Geraldine Murphy, Director / Professor, Honors Center / English

    • Juana Reina, Vice President, Student Affairs

    • Mary Ruth Strzeszewski, Associate Provost, Academic Services

    • Terri Watson, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

    • Ellen Handy, Associate Professor, Art History

    • Fred Moshary, Professor, Electrical Engineering

    • Kathy Powell-Manning, Director, CLAS Learning Assessment

    • Kevin Foster, Associate Professor, Economics and Business

    • Juan Carlos Mercado, Dean, Center for Worker Education

    • Carlos Riobo, Associate Professor / Chair, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures

    • Thomas Castaglione, Registrar 

    • Kenneth Ihrer, Associate Vice President and CIO, Information Technology

    • Eva Medina, Director of Budget, Finance and Administration

    • Alessandra Benedicty, Assistant Professor, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies / MA Program

    • I-Hsien Wu, Assistant Professor, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures

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