Sustainable Nutrition

At CCNY sustainable dining means offering healthy, nutritious, and affordable meals and providing a service that minimizes its impact on the environment. To accomplish this, we source local, organic, and seasonal food through our vendor, Metropolitan.

Since 2007, Metropolitan has been complying with CCNY guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of its operations on campus.  Their used cooking oil is now converted into biodiesel fuel.  In addition, it has been purchasing green cleaning products for use in the cafeteria and kitchen areas.  Metropolitan has also doubled the amount of locally grown produce purchased.  In Spring 2010, after the Hoffman Student Lounge was renovated it began selling organic, locally grown, wholesome and nutritious food.  Later that year the Marshak Gallery Café opened, offering the same sustainable products.

Completed Goals:

  • Instituted a policy of procuring produce from within 150 miles of campus.
  • Created a 60 foot "Sustainability Wall" in the cafeteria of the North Academic Building to engage and educate the campus community by displaying content about sustainable practices.
  • Added a venue in the Hoffman Student Lounge, which sells organic, locally grown food.
  • Developed a 70 foot wall gallery in the Marshak Gallery Café dedicated to exhibiting environmental and sustainability related research conducted by our faculty.

Current Goals:

  • Work with Metropolitan, to provide incentives to those who use their own refillable coffee mugs.
  • Increase the number of recycling containers inside the main cafeteria.