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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)


CETL workshops are periodically announced via email to all faculty and by flyers sent to every department on campus. Current listings are below, or, please check back soon.

Creating Dynamic Presentations

March 26 at 2pm


Best Practices in Group Work

March 27 at 1pm

Group work in the classroom and group assignments are often used to teach students skills involved in teamwork; however, group work can go awry when students don’t communicate clearly or contribute to the assignment. This workshop covers the best practices of group work on topics such as: 
Forming effective groups
Teaching group communication skills
Ensuring all students contribute
Evaluating group projects

Register here. 

Roundtable: Best Practices in Group Work

April 3 at 1pm

Roundtable: Syllabus Design Best Practices

April 4 at 2pm

Roundtable: Grading Practices

April 9 at 12pm

Assigning and Assessing Multimodal Projects

April 10 at 1pm
This workshop will discuss the benefits of assigning multimodal projects--projects that engage students by combing visual, audio, gestural, spatial, or linguistic means of creating meaning--how to create effective multimodal projects, and best practices in assessing such projects.

Roundtable: Creating Dynamic Presentations

April 16 at 2pm


Roundtable: Using Technology to Enhance Learning

May 2 at 2pm


Roundtable: Best Practices in Engaging Students 

May 7 at 2pm


Using CUNY Academic Commons in the Classroom

May 8 at 2pm

CUNY Academic Commons (CAC) is an effective digital tool that can be used for enhancing classes, communicating with colleagues across CUNY, showcasing your professional interests and publications.
With Academic Commons, you can:
  • Create a course website
  • Create student ePortfolios/blogs/websites for satisfying course requirements
  • Publicize professional publications/interests
  • Network through groups, blogs, and events
This workshop will:
  • Introduce faculty to basic CAC features and uses
  • Showcase student portfolios 
  • Create CAC accounts for all attendees
  • Assist with structuring CAC sites