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Centers Affiliated with Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Centers Affiliated with Chemical Engineering

The Benjamin Levich Institute for Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics
The Benjamin Levich Institute for Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics is an interdisciplinary research center for the study of fundamental problems of flow and transport in complex fluids, fluid-like media, and interfaces, including polymer melts and solutions, liquid crystals, granular materials, suspensions, colloids, and amphiphiles. Located at the City College of New York (CCNY), one of the senior colleges of the City University of New York, the Institute's six full-time faculty members are currently associated with the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Physics. All Levich Institute faculty, Ph.D. students, and research fellows are housed together in laboratories and offices in Steinman Hall.

The CUNY Energy Institute
The CUNY Energy Institute produces cutting-edge research and develops innovative sustainable energy technologies that have practical and economical applications. Led by the renowned chemical engineering professor Sanjoy Banerjee, the Institute offers world-class opportunities to top-notch students: the chance to work side-by-side with a multidisciplinary faculty from CUNY's New York City campuses, and to be part of one of the nation's most ambitious and innovative energy research organizations.

Center for Exploitation of Nanostructures for Energy and Sensor Applications (CENSES)
CENSES was established in 2008 with a $5 million grant over five years from the CREST Program of the National Science Foundation, designed to enhance the research capabilities of minority-serving institutions through the establishment of centers that effectively integrate education and research.

This multidisciplinary City College Center brings together faculty members, research scientists and engineers, graduate students and undergraduate students from chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and physics.  CENSES also works with global partners in conducting cutting-edge research in the frontiers of nanomaterials and nanotechnology for applications developing sustainable energy technologies, and sensors for monitoring health, environment and national security.

CCNY-CHICAGO PREM: Partnership on the Dynamics of Hetergenous Materials
The CCNY PREM vision is to provide highest quality research and education opportunities in materials science through a student-centered program.  The excitement of the discovery process is used to encourage participation, while extensive mentoring and education in the culture of the scientific enterprise is provided to maximize participants' potential.  Students of all levels ranging from high school to post doctorate benefit from the 360° professional development initiatives designed and implemented by CCNY PREM faculty.  Experienced CCNY faculty design advanced coursework and curricula, novel recruitment programs, leading edge research and mentoring programs, all with the special focus of providing students  with well rounded experiences in academia and industry.  PREM supported students move forward equipped with the intellectual and professional resources necessary to advance to the next level in their careers.