Emergency Funding/COVID 19 Aid


Emergency Student Grants. The Colin Powell School has an emergency grant program to assist students in our majors who are unable to cover living expenses—food, housing, utility bills.
Please reach out to Charlene Darbassie at cdarbassie@ccny.cuny.edu for details and for an application. We are trying to move quickly right now on emergency grant applications.

Student Emergency Funding/COVID 19 Aid
at the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Application Request for Emergency Funding.


Emergency Funding at the Colin Powell School serves to provide emergency cash grants to students who encounter short term financial emergencies.

Emergency Grants are available to students who are having difficulty covering expenses—food, housing, utility bills—during this Covid-19 crisis. Any student currently registered and in good standing at the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership is eligible to apply.

What expenses might be covered by emergency funds?

Expenses considered for emergency grants include (but are not limited to):

•    Assistance in paying for food or other basic necessities due to recent unemployment or recent financial difficulty
•    Overdue utilities bills and shut-off notices
•    Rent that is more than one month in arrears
•    Medical, dental or vision bills, including prescription medications, for uninsured necessary procedures for student or for immediate family member

Basic Criteria for Emergency Grant:

♦  Student must by enrolled in a matriculated program at the Colin Powell School and in classes for the semester they are requesting funding  ♦

*Your application and documents will be kept confidential.

Please contact

Ms. Charlene Darbassie,
Office Administrator


Keep this information handy when you email or contact her.

Your Full name as it appears on CUNY first, Empl ID

Department you are enrolled in
•  Anthropology, Gender studies and International Studies  •  Economics and Business  •  Political Science  •  Psychology  •  Sociology

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