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NOAA-Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology (NOAA-CREST)

NOAA-Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology (NOAA-CREST)

CUNY’S Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology Center (CREST) is a multidisciplinary center is led by the City College that brings together Lehman College and Bronx Community College, New York City Tech College, and partner institutions like Hampton University, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Bowie State University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Columbia University. These institutions form a broad-based research team in remote sensing applied to earth, atmospheric, environmental, and marine sciences.

The Center’s research and training focuses on all aspects of remote sensing including sensor development, satellite remote sensing, ground-based field measurements, data processing and analysis, modeling, and forecasting. CREST is an outstanding example of collaboration among institutions to educate and train students in the field of environmental remote sensing by conducting research consistent with NOAA’s Science Goals and Missions. Recruitment and training focuses on mentoring undergraduate, masters and doctoral students into scientific and engineering disciplines in which they can specialize in remote sensing.

Research at NOAA-CREST focuses on three main thrust areas – sensing applications in climate and air quality issues; remote sensing of coastal waters; and precipitation and water resources – in support of NOAA priorities concerning climate, weather and water, an ecosystems. The program includes seminars, summer internships with NOAA and with industrial partners, and school-year research assistantships.



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Hosted by the Earth Science and Environmental Sustainability (ESES) Gruaduate Initative in conjunction with NOAA Cooperative Remove Sensing Science and Technology Center and CCNY Mechanical Engineering Dept.




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