Access and Claim your CUNY First Account


Access CUNY FIrst and Claim Your Account

Activating Your Citizen CUNY Portal Account

This is your private and secure one-stop access point to CUNY on-line services such as Blackboard, eMall and CUNYfirst. This is also where you can obtain your financial aid information, register for courses and learn about services and benefits offered through CUNY.
Basic information on accessing your CUNY Portal account:

To access these resources, please follow the steps below:
1. Please activate your CCNY e-mail address. If you have not activated or do not recall your CCNY e-mail account, click HERE.
2. Once you have an active CCNY e-mail account, click HERE and register with the CUNY Portal.
3. Once you are a registered CUNY Portal user, please log in to the CUNY Portal, which will bring you to a page with content based on your preferences (including a link to Blackboard). Click here to log in to the Portal.
4. Once you are logged in, the steps become self-explanatory. If you still have further questions refer to one of the help files below:
    * Blackboard Student Manual
    * Blackboard General Guide
    * CUNY Portal Guide
For basic information on accessing your CUNYfirst account click HERE.


Last Updated: 08/01/2023 11:28