Student Teaching

Student teaching is the culminating experience of the ECE Program. Student teaching is consistent with the program's philosophy of learning by doing and being mentored by early childhood professionals who are knowledgeable and qualified. Student teaching also includes the development of a portfolio to be submitted for certification.

ECE faculty carefully select student teaching placements in schools that value children's curiosity and drive to investigate the world, and in which our teacher candidates can experience community, diversity, collegial interactions between teachers, respect for families, growth, and professional development.

Because we have cultivated relationships with our student teaching partner schools, they know our teaching philosophy and enjoy working with our students. Our student teaching supervising faculty are experienced early childhood educators and teacher educators who are skilled at mentoring novice teachers. In working with teacher candidates, supervising faculty consider not only a student's academic skills and abilities, but also her or his active participation in classrooms, initiative, relationships with mentoring teachers, and ability to reflect and to receive constructive feedback.

Student teaching is a full-semester (15 weeks), and consists of two 7-week placements in two different age groups within the span of early childhood (birth-8 years). Student teaching placements are full-day, five days a week.

Student teachers also attend a seminar that meets once a week. The seminar's purpose is to discuss experiences in student teaching settings including classroom curriculum and  management, working with individual children, working with children with diverse needs, professional relationships, job-seeking strategies, and portfolio development.

Eligible teacher candidates may apply for student teaching in a fall or spring semester. Applications may be picked up at the reception desk. Completed applications must be submitted to Ms. Deborah Edwards-Anderson, ECE Program Manager. Please check the ECE webpages and the ECE bulletin board for application deadlines.