Photos and Videos

CUNY DSI offers a variety of public events, free of charge, celebrating Dominican culture, music, art, literature, folklore, and presents panels, conferences, and lectures by academic experts in the field of Dominican Studies, including our own resident experts.  Whether it is Dominican classical music on a Friday night, an art exhibit opening on a Thursday night, or a presentation about scientific projects in the Dominican Republic on a Saturday afternoon, our events are always "sold out"!  You can view some of the latest CUNY DSI photos and videos on the official CUNY DSI flicker account and You Tube Channel.


CUNY DSI photographs are available through Flickr.  All photos fall under the Creative Commons license for non-commercial use.

For the latest CUNY DSI Photos visit our flickr page:


The CUNY DSI You Tube Channel is a collection of videos from the Institute’s public events, concerts, art exhibitions, conferences, panel presentations, and other academic events.  This channel will grow as we continue editing and digitizing the videos for YouTube broadcasting.

To watch the latest CUNY DSI videos visit: