Department of Leadership & Human Development

The Leadership & Human Development Department

includes programs that focus on children’s language, emotional and cognitive development across the pre-school to grade 12 years, as well as the diversity of student and family needs. It brings together faculty in Special Education and Bilingual Education in order to coordinate coursework for the division’s Bilingual Special Education teaching candidates. The Foundations faculty (educational psychology, adolescent psychology, child development and social foundations of education) are important resources in support of program development. Faculty in the Leadership program contribute to, and benefit from, discussion of issues of policy implementation in schools that affect the development of children and families.


Shira Eve Epstein
Acting Chair 2019-2020

Hazel M. Carter, Ph.D.
Chair, Sabbatical 2019-2020

Maria V. Jeremy

North Academic Center
Room 6/207B
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

p. 212-650-5995
f: 212-650-7530
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