History of the School of Education

In January 1921 the Board of Trustees established the City College’s School of Education.  Courses began on February 3, 1921.  The School of Education functioned with its own separate faculty and conferred degrees in education to both undergraduates (Bachelor of Science) and graduate students (Master’s of Science).  The school also provided professional certificates for those who were teaching in the field.  Upon completion of related courses of study, students could earn a Certificate in Elementary Education or a Certificate in Secondary Education.  Additional certificates were offered in:  physical education, art education, and the teaching of music.  

Dr. Stephen Duggan was the first dean of the School of Education.  He believed “Education is the only road to peace”.  He graduated from the College of the City of New York in 1890 and taught six years in the public schools.  In 1893 he joined the faculty and was the first head of CCNY’s Education Department (established in 1906) before it became a School of Education.  In addition, Dr. Duggan was the director of both the Extension Courses for Teachers (established in 1908) and the Evening Session (established in 1909).  He was also the founder of the Institute of International Education (established in 1919).


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