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Office of Student Development

Grove School of Engineering

Office of Student Development

The Office of Student Development (OSD) is located on the 2M floor of Steinman Hall in the Grove School of Engineering. We work with each entering freshman student to help you navigate the City College campus and the Grove School of Engineering curriculum, facilitating your successful transition into college, and from college into your career. To enhance your academic experience, we provide short-term personal counseling and on-going academic counseling, including guidance with your course selection, registration and decision making in your academic major. We also offer free tutoring, and assistance in finding scholarships. In addition to our academic services, we provide assistance with your professional development through mentoring, corporate information sessions and information about co-op and internship opportunities.

All of our activities, including our specialized orientation program, are designed to forge a sense of community between you and the Engineering faculty and staff, especially since many of your early courses are physically outside of the Grove School of Engineering. Orientation includes activities that will acquaint you with the habits of highly effective students, and it will help you to get to know other students at the Grove School. Your upper-class peers will be on hand to greet you and encourage your participation in engineering clubs. Each new freshman will meet one-on-one with an assigned OSD advisor several times during the first semester, and the entire OSD staff stands ready to explore strategies that will lead to your personal and academic well-being, and eventual graduation from the Grove School of Engineering.



The OSD makes many things happen.  Click on the items below for more information, or read this brochure:

  • Tutoring:  The OSD offers free tutoring for popular courses.
  • Peer advising of students, by students:  schedule.
  • Advising:  Students who have completed fewer than 45 credits must come to OSD for supervision and registration.
  • Internships and some job opportunities are available here.  Also visit the CCNY Career Center.
  • Some scholarships are administered by OSD.
  • Clubs and student chapters of professional societies are overseen by the OSD.
  • Workshops, corporate information sessions, travel to conferences, career fairs, and pre-college events.
  • Space for study & career events:  room chart.
  • Graduation:  The event and its alumni honors coordination.
  • External relations:  The OSD is liaison to organizations that advise the Grove School.


Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Appointments are also available, and the facility is also open, for additional hours based on student needs, such as exam periods, event scheduling, and special requests.


Rawlins R. Beharry – Director, Office of Student Development
Email: • Tel: 212-650-8040

Nadine Bennett – Academic Services / AMP Research Coordinator & Academic Counselor / Advisor (part-time)
Email: • Tel: 212-650-8040

Regina Pierce – Administrative Assistant
Email: • Tel: 212-650-8040

Lauren Shuman – Advisor
Email: • Tel: 212-650-8044


OSD also organizes the Grove School of Engineering Town Hall Meetings which provide a forum for the entire student body in the Grove School of Engineering to meet with the administrators of the Grove School of Engineering where they are encourage to ask questions pertinent to the school as it affects their studies, their education and their careers, and these concerns, suggestions, comments and issues are addressed by the GSoE administration. Besides OSD forums to address student concerns, GSoE Departments host engineering mixers and conducts surveys as part of their accreditation process that all facilitates student empowerment.


OSD also coordinates the Grove School's honors ceremony for Dean's List recipients and its graduation ceremony in partnership with other key staff from other offices within the Grove School including its Order of The Engineer and Ring Ceremony. OSD is also responsible for working with department chairs in their selection of the Grove's Alumni Medal winners (for top graduate in each academic department) and the GSoE valedictorian.

Prominent engineering alumni who served as Presidents of the GSoE Engineering Alumni Association (left to right: Presidents Adler, Schwartz, and Plotkin) officiates at the Order of the Engineer Ring Ceremony (2011).