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Earth System and Environmental engineers are one of the leading professionals that are engaged in designing the cities of the future and ensure safe and resilient communities. Environmental engineers also protect the Earth’s environment while providing humanity with freshwater resources, resilient coastal environment, safe air quality, and finally be a climate and weather- ready society. Environmental engineers study how to protect this planet as climate change increases the severity of natural hazards, weather extremes, and human activities threaten our cities and the built environment.
The Earth System Sciences and Environmental Engineering (ESE) degree program, offered at the Grove School of Engineering, the City College of New York, provides unique learning opportunities for students eager to be trained in engineering science and the principles of Earth System and environmental engineering, through a curriculum that includes opportunities for research, internship, travel, and professional networking. 
Our students gain the required skill sets, competency, and confidence to collaborate and address complex local, regional, and global environmental challenges. Our esteemed faculty and renowned scientists, recognized as leaders in their fields, are the essential ingredient to our students’ successes and male  workforce ready in the field of Environmental Engineering.   
ESE fosters an inclusive culture and welcomes broad participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds. We welcome talented and dedicated undergraduate as well as graduate students who have a vision of service to the communities and a commitment to strive for excellence in helping society by protecting the Earth’s resources.

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