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Printable Office Forms

Financial Aid

Printable Office Forms

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2016-2017 (6/6/2016 - 5/26/2017) (To be posted soon)

1.  Appeal for Federal Financial Aid Reinstatement
2.  Asset Verification
3.  Expense Appeal
4.  Federal Direct Student Loan - New procedures:

     Beginning on May 2, 2016 (for 2016-17 FAFSA filers):

  • Undergraduate - apply for a federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized loan via CUNYfirst  in your "Student Center"
  • Graduate/Ph.D - An Unsubsidized loan will be  automatically "Offered" on CUNYfirst. However,  if you want the loan, you will have to go  to your "Student Center" and  "Accept" it. (You will have the option to decrease the loan amount before accepting it.)

5.   Federal Direct Student Loan - Additional Loan (after the first 2016-17 loan has been processed)
6.   Federal Direct Student Loan - Cancel of Reduce 
7    Federal Direct Grad PLUS loan (for Graduate/Ph. D students)
8.   Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan (for dependent undergraduates)
9.   Federal ISIR Signature Page
10. Dependent V-1 Verification Worksheet
11. Dependent V-4 Verification Worksheet
12. Dependent V-5 Verification Worksheet
13. Dependent V-6 Verification Worksheet
14. Independent V-1 Verification Worksheet
15. Independent V-4 Verification Worksheet
16. Independent V-5 Verification Worksheet
17. Independent V-6 Verification Worksheet 
18.  Family Income/Expense Worksheet
19.  Independence Appeal
20.  NY State APTS (Aid for Part-Time Study) - Undegraduates enrolled for 6-11 credits (TAP application required)
21.  NY State HESC - Make changes to TAP/APTS application
22.  NY State TAP - Apply online
23.  SAR Intake Checklist
24.  Special Condition Applicationn
25.  Federal Student Aid Eligibility Worksheet (FAFSA #23)
26.  Summer 2016 Federal Pell Request


2015-2016 (6/1/2015 5/28/2016)

  1.  Appeal for Reinstatement of Federal Aid (4 pages)
  2.  Asset Verification
  3.  Expense Appeal
  4.  Federal Direct Student Loan Application
  5.  Federal Direct Student Loan  - Additional Loan Request
  6.  Federal Direct Student Loan - Reduce of Cancel
  7.  Federal Direct Grad PLUS Application (for Graduate/Ph. D students)
  8.  Federal Direct Parent PLUS Application (for Dependent undergraduates)
  9.  Federal ISIR/Signature Page
10.  Federal Verification - Child Support Paid (Dependent student)
11.  Federal Verification - Child Support Paid (Independent student)
12.  Federal Verification - Dependent Worksheet (3 pages)
13.  Federal Verification - Independent Worksheet (3 pages)
14.  NY State A.P.T.S. Application
15.  NY State HESC - Make changes to TAP/APTS application
16.  NY State TAP - Apply online
17.  Student Aid Report (SAR) Checklist
18.  Special Condition Application (4pages)
19.  Summer 2015 Federal Pell Request (3 pages)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Updated 4/29/16