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2017- 2018 Office Forms

Note: Due to a recent change in federal regulations, the 2017-18 Verification forms are currently being revised and will be reposted by May 4,2017.  The current forms, if required, are available via a student's "To Do List" on CUNYfirst and in the Financial Aid office.

 1.  Appeal for Federal Financial Aid Reinstatement

 2.  Asset Verification

 3.  Expense Appeal (private elementary school, out of pocket medical and/or child care expenses)

 4.  Dependent V-1 Verification Worksheet & office intake forms

 5.  Dependent V-4 Verification Worksheet & office intake forms

 6.  Dependent V-5 Verification Worksheet & office intake forms

 7.  Federal Direct Loan - Filing Procedures

 8.  Federal Direct Loan - Online Entrance Counseling procedures (required for first-time student borrowers)

 9.  Federal Direct Student Loan - Undergraduate students: Apply via CUNYfirst. For instructions click on the link above (Guide to Financial Aid on CUNYfirst) & see page 11. 

10.  Federal Direct Student Loan - Graduate students: Students in a Masters or Ph.D. program, with a valid         2017-18 FAFSA, will be automatically packaged with a Federal Direct Unsubsidized student loan.  Once offered, a student should accept or decline the loan offer on CUNYfirst.   Once accepted, a student may decrease the amount of their loan.

                CUNYfirst navigation: Self Service>>Student Center>>Finances>>Accept/Decline Awards

11.  Federal Direct Grad PLUS Application (credit based loan for Masters and Ph.D students)

12. Federal Direct Parent PLUS Application (credit based loan for parents of undergraduate students)

13. Federal Direct Student Loan Change Form

14. Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan change Form

15. Federal Verification - Additional Explanation

16. Income and Expense Worksheet

17. Independent V-1 Verification Worksheet & office intake forms

18. Independent V-4 Verification Worksheet & office intake forms

19. Independent V-5 Verification Worksheet & office intake forms

20. Independence Appeal

21. New York State TAP Grant - Apply online

22. IRS Non-filing letter - Instructions and IRS 4506-T form

23. Non-Filing Statement (for spouse or parents who do not have an SSN or TIN)

24. SAR Intake Checklist and ISIR Signature page (required when submitting documents to the Financial Aid office)

25. Special Condition Request

26. Summer 2017 Federal Pell Grant Payment Request - 2 pages


* Beginning with the 2017-2018 FAFSA, the required income information is the income from the year before the previous year, this is called “prior-prior year”.  The 2016-2017 FAFSA used 2015   income because the old way was to use the previous year.  However, since the 2017-2018 FAFSA is going by the new reguation, 2015 income (prior-prior year) will be used once again.

For the 2018-19 FAFSA, 2016 income information will be required, for the 2019-20 FAFSA, 2017 income information will be required, etc.

Academic YearTax Year (AGI)

File a FAFSA every year!



  • All forms must be carefully completed and signed. Also bring photocopies of your supporting documents. 
  • Forms completed with lead pencil or Incomplete forms will not be accpeted.
  • Verification documents are processed on the spot.