Windows in shepard hall


The Division of Humanities and the Arts seeks to understand human society and culture by studying languages, literatures, arts, philosophies, histories, theater, media, and music from around the globe. We change human culture and society by creating the images we see in daily life, the things we hear and read, and the histories that are written and examined. Studying humanities and the arts builds our capacity for empathy, for critical thinking, and for imagining new possibilities. Our students are thus prepared to build a more just and equitable world, and to become leaders in every field of endeavor.



We strive to build an interactive model of the humanities and the arts, increasing our engagement with New York City’s diverse cultural resources, building interdisciplinary collaborations, and encouraging our students to be active learners and creators of new knowledge.

adopted May 3, 2022

Last Updated: 05/04/2022 14:08