Experts List

Anthropology, Gender Studies and International Studies

Asale Angel-Ajani
Specialties: Immigration and Refugees in Europe, Africa and Asia. Global trends in the incarceration and imprisonment of women and girls, as well as immigration detention. drug trafficking and women; Human Rights; Africa, Latin America, Asia.

Matthew Reilly
Specialties: Archaeology, Caribbean, Colonialism, Slavery, Race and Whiteness, Class and Labor, Gender, Atlantic World History, Irish Diaspora

Irina Carlota Silber
Specialties: Chair Department of Anthropology, Gender Studies and International Studies, El Salvador war and postwar, Salvadoran Diaspora and migration, Children and Chronic Illness, Disability Studies

Stanley Thangaraj

Specialties: Race and Sports, Gender and Sports, Immigrant America; Refugee America, and Muslim America


Michael Sorkin
Specialties: urban design, green architecture, sustainability, equity

Denise Hoffman Brandt
Specialties: landscape architecture, sustainability

Hillary Brown
Specialties: urban sustainability

Marta Gutman
Specialties: architecture and art history and theory, city landscapes. Women and children in urban environment 

Catherine Seavitt Nordenson
Specialties: climate change, coastal resilience, landscape restoration, brownfields, and Latin American landscapes

Shawn Rickenbacker

Specialties: Urban Data and Policy Analysis, Future of Urban Housing, Urban Innovation, Markets and Urban Form


Christian Volkmann
Specialties: Roof pod, solar, bees, sustainability

Sean Weiss
Specialties: affordable housing, sustainability

June Williamson
Specialties: affordable housing, future of housing, suburbia, urban design, transportation, sustainable urbanism


Joshua I Cohen
Specialties: Art History, African art and modernism, African modernism and the Harlem Renaissance

Ellen Handy
Specialties: art history, history of photography

Harriet Senie
Specialties: art history, museum studies, public art, memorials, memory and material culture


Ana Carnaval
Specialties: Spatial patterns of biodiversity and underlying evolutionary and ecological processes, improving biodiversity prediction and conservation in tropical regions. field work in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest, the Cerrado, and the Australian Wet Tropics

Biomedical Engineering

Lucas C Parra

Specialities: Electric brain stimulation, Brain-computer interface, Machine learning


Valeria Balogh-Nair

Specialities: This lab uses organic synthesis to obtain nanocomposites useful in biology and medicine. Based on the multivalency concept developed in Dr. Balogh-Nair’s laboratories, this group synthesizes hybrid nanocomposites to prevent cancer metastases, and to help elucidate the primary events in carcinogenesis.

Teresa Bandosz

Specialities: Separation Process, Environmental and energy related catalysis, new materials

Mark Biscoe

Sean Boson

Zimei Bu

Amedee Des Georges

Specialities: structural biologist with particular expertise in single-particle cryo-electron microscopy. He uses the ability of single-particle cryo-electron microscopy to sort electron microscopy images into different sub-populations in order to obtain high resolution structures of samples conformationally or compositionally heterogeneous, such as the mammalian translation initiation complex or the largest known membrane channel called the ryanodine receptor

Dorthe Eisele

Specialities: fundamental research in materials science and nanoscience for renewable energy; drafting press releases to announce research breakthrough to non-scientific audience; educational and outreach projects including video productions

Kevin Gardner

Specialities: Drug development, Cancer biology, Biotechnology

Ranajeet Ghose

David Gosser

Specialities: Science Education

Michael Green

Specialities: Ion channels are the proteins that control the entrance and exit of ions, especially sodium and potassium (and some others), in and out of biological cells. This provides, among other things, the nerve impulse, although every biological cell has channels. We do calculations to try to understand the "gating"--i.e, opening and closing--of the channels, and have proposed a mechanism for this for some channels.

Urs Jans

Specialities: fate of organic contaminants in the environment; insecticides; flame retardants

David Jeruzalmi

Specialities: biochemistry, structural biology, biochemistry

George John

Specialities: Biobased Materials and Green Chemistry, Next Generation Oil Structuring Agents and Trans Fat Alternatives, Oil Spill Mitigation Green Technologies, Green Battery Components/Energy Storage Technologies

Daniel Keedy

Specialities: X-ray crystallography, protein flexibility, phosphatases

Reza Khayat

Specialities: Studying the mechanism of host pathogen interaction for designing therapeutic molecules

Glen Kowach

Mahesh Lakshman

Specialities: organic synthesis, nucleoside chemistry, metal catalysis, chemical methodologies

Themis Lazaridis

Specialities: computational biophysics; antimicrobial peptides; computer simulations of proteins and peptides; biologicl membranes; molecular modeling

John Lombardi

Stephen O'Brien

Specialities: Nanotechnology and nanoscience, materials science, electronic materials, batteries and capacitors

Kevin Ryan

Specialities: Olfaction; flavors and fragrances; rna biochemistry

Issa Salame

Specialities: Science Education

Simon Simms

Ruth Stark

Specialities: basic chemical and biochemical research; plant environmental protection; antifungal drug therapy; non-opiod pain relief

Mark Steinberg

Specialities: mechanisms of malignant transformation in human cells

Maria Tamargo

Barbara Zajc

Specialities: Fluoroorganic chemistry, organic synthesis, chemistry involving polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Civil Engineering

Michael Piasecki

Specialities: hydroinfomartics, data management and interoperability solutions and also networked sensor deployment

Computer Science

Rosario Gennaro

Specialities: Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies

Huy T Vo

Specialities: big data systems, large-scale visualization, high-performance computing, scalable display, data science

Classical and Modern Languages and Literature

Carlos Riobó

Specialties: Cuban literature and cultures

Daniel Ezra Shapiro
Specialties: Latin American literature, translation

Vanessa Valdes
Specialties: Black Studies, cultural production of peoples of African descent throughout the Americas: the United States and Latin America, including the Caribbean and Brazil


Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Benjamin Black


Specialities: Volcanism, mass extinctions, effects of volcanism on climate, Mars, Titan

Karin Block


Specialities: Minerals, earth's mantle; crystals; baslt; magma; volcanoes; rocks; plate tectonics; clay minerals and mineral resources; natural resources; mining; outcrops; chemical analyses of natural materials

James Booth


Specialities: Weather, storms, climate change

Patricia Kenyon


Specialities: earthquake processes and damage and prediction; volcanic processes and damage and prediction; tristate area geology; general questions of geology; application of seismic waves to oil prospecting; applications of seismic waves to verification of nuclear test ban treaties; applications of geophysics to environmental issues, such as determining shallow subsurface structure, finding plumes of polluted water, and finding buried landfills or hazardous waste; geothermal energy and waste; fossil fuels; plate tectonics

Steven Kidder


Specialities: Earthquakes; volcanoes; tsunamis; subsidence; landslides; ground water

Angelo Lampousis


Specialities: Environmental Law Developments related to United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA); Public Safety/Occupational Safety concerns related to Mold, Asbestos, Radon, Lead, Legionella, Biological, other hazardous substances.  Public Safety/Occupational Safety concerns related to Mold, Asbestos, Radon, Lead, Legionella, Biological, other hazardous substances. Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment;  agricultural geophysics/vineyard geophysics. environmental standards and standardization.

Zhengzhao Luo


Specialities: Hurricanes, Storms, Climate Change

Kyle McDonald


Specialities: Remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems, the cryosphere and biodiversity; inland and coastal wetlands; terrestrial hydrology, ecology and ecosystem processes including carbon, water, and energy cycles

Maria Tzortziou


Aquatic Biogeochemistry and Ecology; Atmosphere-Land-Ocean Biogeochemical Exchanges; Remote Sensing of the Environment; Marine Optics; Coastal Resilience; Climate Change & Impacts on Coastal Communities, Ecosystems and Economies.  

Zhengrong Wang


Specialities: Isotopic distribution of natural materials, climate in the past (or paleoclimate)

Pengfei Zhang


Specialities: water pollution

Economics & Business

Punit Arora

Specialities: International business, international institutions, corporate governance,startups

Brian Barnier

Specialties: economics, data analytics, tech, innovation 

Maria Binz Scharf
Specialties: organizational behavior, social entrepreneurship, and information and technology management


Mary Erina Driscoll

Professor of Educational Leadership, Harold Kobliner Chair in Education

Specialities: Educational policy, Educational Leadership, Teacher preparation

Joseph Davis

Specialities: linguistics

Beverly Falk
Specialties: Early Childhood Education; early literacy, performance assessment, teacher education, and teacher research

Jesús Fraga
212-650-6054 Specialties: Bilingual Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL); Multicultural Education; Leadership and Administration of Bilingual Programs and Schools

Catherine Franklin

Specialities: civic education and curriculum design.

Amita Gupta
Specialties: International and Comparative Early Childhood Ed Chair, Teaching, Learning & Culture, Urban Education

Sobha Kavanakudiyil

Specialities: arts ed advocacy, theatre education and outreach

Tatyana Kleyn

Specialities: Immigration/Undocumented Immigrants/Dreamers, Bilingual Education/TESOL/Multilingual Learners/Immigrant Students

Jan Valle

Specialties: Disabilities Studies

Terri Watson
Specialties: Leadership and Special Education; practices of urban school leaders and the impact of school reform initiatives on children and communities of color; idenity, social justice

Electrical Engineering

M. Ümit Uyar

Specialities: AI and Communication Protocol Testing


Michel Ghosn
Specialties: civil engineering, infrastructure, safety, reliability and risk of structural systems, bridge maintenance and structural safety

Gilda Barabino
Specialties: dean of Grove School of Engineering, biomedical engineering

Marom Bikson
Specialties: biomedical engineering, Medical devices, Electrical safety. Brain function and disease

Robert Paaswell
Specialties: transportation, urban planning, model cities, civil engineering

Loren Mendelsohn

Specialities: building and maintaining sci-tech library collections, culinary history


Salar Abdoh
Specialties: Journalism in the Middle East

Mikhal Dekel
Specialties: Israeli culture, the Holocaust, refugees

Lyn F Diiorio
Specialties: Latino Literature and Culture in the US

Daniel W Gustafson
Specialties: Theatre History

Robert A Higney
Specialties: Imperialism, 20th century British Literature and Culture

Andras Kisery
Specialties: Contemporary Shakespeare Studies

Elizabeth Mazzola
Specialties: Early women writers, Shakespeare, Spenser, Sidney, Orality and Literacy, Genre Theory

Vaclav Lucien Paris
Specialties: Czech culture and literature, Modern Studies

Thomas B Peele
Specialties: Theories of Pedagogy and Strategies for Student Assessment

Emily Raboteau
Specialties: Contemporary Fiction

Michelle Valladares
Specialties: Creative writing, contemporary poetry, Indian poetry



Beth Baron
Specialties: Middle Eastern History, women's movements, gender and nationalism, and social politics in Egypt

Laurie Avant Woodard
Specialties: the intersection between the cultural and political realms and employs interdisciplinary methodologies, drawing from performance studies, critical race theory, and women and gender studies

Human Rights

Bruce Cronin
Specialties: Humanitarian intervention issues, Civilian casualties of war

Rajan Menon
Specialties: Humanitarian intervention issues

Danielle Zach
Specialties: Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies, humanitarianism, international peace and security, and global governance

Library/Library Sciences

Charles Stewart
Specialties: Chief Librarian: library management and humanism, bridging technological change and personal factors

Sarah Cohn

Specialities: Information Literacy, Digital Humanities Research

Daisy Domínguez
Specialties: Information Literacy and Latin American History

Trevar Riley-Reid

Specialities: Marketing & Editing, Autism/Special Ed Research


Gautam Chinta​
Specialties: number theory and automorphic forms

W. Patrick Hooper
Specialties: dynamical systems and low-dimensional topology and geometry

Media and Communications Arts

Lynn D Appelbaum
Specialties: advertising/public relations, diversity in PR

Angela K Chitkara
Specialties: integrated marketing, branding, diversity in Ad/PR

Nancy R Tag
Specialties: Ad/PR, branding and integrated communications

Linda Maria Villarosa
Specialties: journalism, the intersection of health and medicine and social justice

Andrea Weiss
Specialties: documentary filmmaker and nonfiction author, who holds a Ph.D. in History and co-directs the MFA Program in Film


Samantha Barrick

Specialities: Narrative Medicine, Medical Humanities

Maria Felice Ghilardi
Specialties: Parkinson's


Paul Kozel



Specialties: Music and sound technology: audio post production dialog editing, sound design and mixing, location music recording, underscore recording, and music recording and mixing

Music Library

Michael J Crowley

Specialities: Collection Development, Information Literacy, and Digitization


Jeffrey Blustein
Specialties: bioethics

Elise Crull
Specialties: Philosophy (and History) of Science; Metaphysics; Science, Technology and Society; Science and Religion; Philosophy of Physics, especially Quantum Mechanics, Space & Time (Special & General Relativity), Einstein, Modern Cosmology, Quantum Gravity

Chad Kidd
Specialties: phenomenology & philosophy of mind

Lou Marinoff
Specialties: Asian & philosophical practice

Jennifer Morton
Specialties: philosophy of action & of education

Nickolas Pappas
Specialties: Ancient & aesthetics

Massimo Pigliucci
Specialties: philosophy of science & practical Ancient

Kate Ritchie
Specialties: philosophy of language & metaphysics

Ben Vilhauer
Specialties: free will & Kantian ethics, philosophy of punishment, critique of retribution

David Weissman
Specialties: dialectical philosophy


Robert Alfano
Specialties: Science and Engineering, Physics and Electrical Engineering, Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers (IUSL), Expertise in properties of light and photonics, biomedical optics and detection of cancer with light spectroscopy, and bonding of tissues with light

James Hedberg
Specialties: scientific visualization, science outreach, history of science, physics of music, and popularizing astronomy

Vinod Menon
Specialties: Photonics, Nano and Micro Photonics (LaNMP). understanding and control of the interaction of light with matter for applications ranging from solar cells to solid state lighting to quantum computing

Elisa Riedo
Specialties: Physics and Nanoscience nanoelectronics, nanomechanics and water.

Political Science

Daniel DiSalvo
Specialties: American political parties, elections, labor unions, state government, and public policy.

Nimmi Gowrinathan
Specialties: gender and violence, female extremism, social movements, issues of asylum, ethnic conflict, and the impact of militarization, displacement, and race in Sri Lanka

Jean Krasno
Specialties: Multilateralism and International Organization, International Security Studies, United Nations, UN peacekeeping

Rajan Menon
Specialties: global ethics, American foreign and national security policy, international security, globalization, and the international relations of Asia and Russia and the other post-Soviet states


Adriana Espinosa

Specialties: diversity in the workplace

Diana Punales

Specialties: Director of CCNY Psychological Center (clinic). Gun violence

Irvin Schonfeld

Specialities: relation of psychosocial working conditions to mental and physical health, psychopathology in youth, and work-related burnout and depression

Paul Wachtel

Specialities: psychotherapy; psychoanalysis, materialism and its psychological causes and consequences


Mehdi Bozorgmehr
Specialties: Immigration, Urban, Economic and Political Sociology, Middle Eastern Americans

William Helmreich
Specialties: race and ethnic relations, religion, immigration, risk behavior, the sociology of New York City, urban sociology, consumer behavior and market research

Leslie Paik
Specialties: social problems, law and society, deviance, and juvenile justice