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Fall 2019 Electives for Culture and Communications Concentrators

International Studies Program

Fall 2019 Electives for Culture and Communications Concentrators

***The  major requires a total of 5 classes, from at least 3 different programs or departments, ie, with at least 3 different prefixes such as ANTH, ECO, PSC, etc.***


ANTH 20200- Language in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTH 24300 – Peoples of Latin American

ANTH24600- Peoples of the Middle East

ANTH 25500 – Anthropology of Health and Healing

ANTH 32200 – Immigrant and Refugee Movements and Cultures

ANTH 32300- Islamic Cultures and Issues

ANTH 32400- Violation of Human Rights

ANTH 3500- Race and Racism


ART 21030-Nineteenth Century Art in Europe

ART 21036- Early 20th Century Art in Europe and the United States

ART 21038- Post-War Art US and Europe

ART 21510-Art and Protest


ASIA 20200- Contemporary Asia


BLST 31155- Race, Class, Power

BLST 33300- Women in the African Diaspora


ECO 20350 – Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECO 32150 – International Finance

ECO 33450 - International Trade Theory

ECO 41553 - Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Economic Development


HIST 20400- Early Modern Europe

HIST 20600- Modern Europe

HIST 21300- The Historian’s Craft

HIST 28100- Colonial Latin America

HIST 28200- Modern and Contemporary Latin America

HIST 31163- The European Union

HIST 31170- Environmental History in Latin America

HIST 35400- Conservatism and the New Right


INTL 31408- Research for Model UN

INTL 31703 – Global Histories of Capitalism

INTL 31705 – Entering Europe/Exiting Europe

INTL 311115 - Social Change in the Developing World



JWST 28100- The Holocaust


LALS 31112- Daughters of Immigrants: Inequality and Social Mobility

LALS 31136- Migration, Gender, and Health in Latinx Communities

LALS 10200 - Latin America and Caribbean Civilizations


MCA 20900- Introduction to Public Relations

MCA 22100-History and Theory of Film I

MCA 33300-Reporting and Writing

MCA 34100-Radio Journalism

MCA 40100- Ethics and Values in Communication


PHIL 30900 – Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 34905 – Biomedical Ethics


PSC 23000- Contemporary Comparative Politics

PSC 24700- Foreign Policy Decision Making

PSC 24800- Middle East Politics and government

PSC 25000-Contemporary International Politics

PSC 25300-International Law

PSC 25400- International Organization

PSC 27300- Classical Political Thought

PSC 27500-Contemprary Political Thought

PSC 27700- Political Ideologies

PSC 31113- Argument & Evidence in Political Science

PSC 31119- Ethical Dimensions of International Relations

PSC 31169- Migration and Law

PSC 31178- Comparative Constitutionalism

PSC 35500- Environmental Politics: Comparative and Global Perspectives


PSY 31150- Psychology of People in Place: From Climate Change to Gentrification

PSY 33300-Enculturation, Immigration, Acculturation

PSY 34700- Racism and Prejudice


SOC 23700- Foundations of Sociological Theory

SOC 29000- Immigration

SOC 31112- Race, Class, Power

SOC 31153- Migration, Gender, and Health in Latinx Communities

SOC 38103- Race and Ethnicity in International Perspective

SOC 38209- Sociology of Sexualities

SOC 38210- Sociology of Gender

SOC 26700 - Social Change in the Developing World



SPAN 35200- Studies in Spanish Literature II

SPAN35300- Studies in Spanish American Literature






If you have questions about the International Studies Program, please email:

A College Assistant for the department will be available in the office: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9am-7pm/ Wednesdays 3 to 6:30pm / Fridays 3-6pm


Dr. Muir, Director, International Studies Program

Office hours: Tuesdays 11:30am to 1:00pm

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