Requirements for Majors:

10100 Heritage of Hispanic Caribbean  - or -  
102 Latin American Civilizations

  -  and -

12600 Latin American Migration to the U.S.   

  - plus -

8 additional electives
(Chosen in consultation with Program Director)

31000 (1-4 crs) Independent Study
(Optional/will be one of the electives)



The LALS major draws on various social science disciplines, including sociology, political science, women and gender studies, as well as those disciplines in the humanities, including history, literature, and the arts.

By integrating three (3) required courses in these varied disciplines, in addition to eight (8) electives, the LALS major is designed to provide students with a comprehensive foundational and interdisciplinary knowledge of Latin American and Latinx Studies.

A specialization in either Latin American Studies or Latinx Studies further serves as a solid base from which to pursue graduate degrees in a range of fields and industries. The major requires a total of 31 credits.


Requirements for Minors:


One introductory (3cr)

Hispanic Caribbean Heritage, 
Latin American Civilization,
Latin American History course

Four electives (12 cr)



LALS offers a minor that engages students in an introductory study of Hispanic Caribbean Heritage, Latin American Civilization, and Latin American History.

Through the study of one of the above areas, in addition to four electives, students with the minor gain exposure to the political, historical, socioeconomic, and cultural scholarship in the field. The minor requirement is 15 credits.




New! Declaration of Majors and Minors:

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