MARC Alumni

Representative MARC Alumni 

Leandro Marcelino Pimentel, accepted to Tri-Institutional PhD program (Weill Cornell/Rockefeller University/Memorial Sloan Kettering)

Carliza Canela, accepted to Chemistry PhD program, Columbia Univ

Natalie Echavarria, MPH student at CUNY School of Public Health

Mathiu Perez Rodriguez, MD-PhD student at UCSF/Oxford Univ

Joangela Nouel, PhD student at Univ Pennsylvania

Kevin Gonzalez, PhD student at Columbia Univ

Denise Robles, PhD student at Rutgers Univ

Christopher Reid, PhD student at Harvard Univ

Michelle Henderson, PhD student at Univ South Florida

Ivor Joseph, PhD student at Rutgers Univ

Bryant Avila, PhD student at CUNY

Kevin Uribe, PhD UTEP, postdoctoral scientist at Univ Texas (Austin)

Alan Stern, PhD Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai, postdoctoral scientist at Icahn Mt Sinai

Tai-Danae Bradley, PhD CUNY, research mathematician at SandboxAQ

Inanllely Gonzalez, PhD Penn State, research chemist at PPG

Deborah Ajayi, PhD Yale, Medical Director at IPG Health

Ismail Ahmed, PhD Univ Pennsylvania, postdoctoral scientist at NYU

Edwin Vazquez-Cintron, PhD NYU, director of research at AbbVie



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