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CCNY Announces 2010 City College, Mellon Mays Fellows

The City College of New York (CCNY) has announced the 2010 City College and Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows.  The 13 students selected for the two programs – eight City College Fellows and five Mellon Mays Fellows – receive financial and academic support to prepare them for graduate school and future careers in research and college-level teaching.  Among the 13 are five students born outside the United States.

"I am delighted to welcome an exceptionally accomplished group of eight new City College Fellows and five new Mellon May Undergraduate Fellows," said Dr. Susan Besse, CCNY professor of history and director of the two programs, in announcing the selections.    

City College Fellowships are awarded every semester to exceptional students with a desire to continue their education in a Ph.D. program and to pursue a career in research and teaching at the college or university level.  Mellon Mays Fellowships are awarded to undergraduate minority students once every year. The fellowship was created to address the shortage of minority scholars on college and university campuses.

Although the students are selected for two different programs, “the programming and requirements for Fellows in both programs are identical,” said Professor Besse.  “The Fellows form a single community even if they come in through different doors and are funded differentially by separate sources.”

A list of the 2010 Fellows, their residences and countries of origin for students born outside the United States follows:

City College Fellows
James McGowan (residence information not available)
Eliezer Posner, Midwood, Brooklyn
Hyeondo (Luke) Hwang, Palisades Park, NJ, South Korea
Miguel Briones, Elmhurst, Queens
Agata Tumilowski, Maspeth, Queens, Poland
Erin Warren, Brooklyn
Elva Jing Hua Yang, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, China

Mellon Mays Fellows
Erica Mitchell, (residence information not available)
Fadila Habchi, Astoria, Queens, Algeria
Kesi Foster, Harlem, Manhattan
Briana Broberg, Inwood, Manhattan
Carlos Santacruz, Harlem, Manhattan, Ecuador



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