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Interdisciplinary Climate Change Seminar Series Begins November 28

Climate change seminar series organizer Marco Tedesco on a recent field trip to Greenland.

A new City College of New York seminar series takes an interdisciplinary look at climate change.  The first event, 12:30 p.m. Monday, November 28, pairs Dr. Marco Tedesco, CCNY assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences, and Andrea Polli, associate professor in fine arts and engineering at University of New Mexico.  They will present their talk, “Digital Culture and Climate Change at the Poles,” in Room MR1 in the Marshak Science Center.

“Our aim is to create an interdisciplinary framework that will encourage discussion and critical thinking about climate change and its implications for society,” said Professor Tedesco, the series organizer. “We plan to invite both faculty and students to create a basin of interacting scholars and students with the goal of generating potential collaborations for research, publication, conference presentations and proposal submissions.”
Each seminar in the Climate Change Seminar Cycle will feature a physical scientist making a presentation along with a social scientist, architect, energy expert, artist or communication professional presenting their work at the same time, he explained.  One presenter will represent City College: the other another institution.  Professor Tedesco expects the series will include five events its first year.
The first event focuses on climate change at the poles with emphasis on melting in Greenland and Antarctica.  Professor Tedesco will show results from multiple expeditions over the ice and discuss updated data from satellite and climate models.  Professor Polli, who taught at Hunter College before moving to New Mexico, will discuss how new digital technologies have shaped understanding of the rapidly changing polar environments.
Dates and presenters for upcoming seminars will be announced at a later time.  Topics are likely to include: climate change science; communicating climate change to mass audiences; art of climate change; migration of and impact of climate change on ecological niches; the carbon cycle, and national and international policies on carbon.
The series is presented by The City College of New York Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and the Cryospheric Processes Laboratory with support from the City SEED Grants Program, the Office of President Lisa S. Coico and the National Science Foundation.

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