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PhD Mentored

Center for Information Networking and Telecommunications (CINT)

PhD Mentored

Doctoral Dissertations (Mentor)

  • Qihua Yang, "Distributed Admission Control for Multicast Networks," 2011
  • Xijie Liu, "Marov Chain Analysis for IEEE 802.11," 2011
  • Fuad Alnaggar, "Routing Protocol Enhancement for Delay-Tolerant Networks," 2010
  • Yousef Abdelmalek, "Middleware Routing Algorithms for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks," 2009
  • Merlinda Drini, "Physical Layer IMpact on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks," 2009
  • Alberto Aponte,
  • Osama Hussein, "Ant Routing Algorithms for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks," 2005
  • Guanhua Ye, "Congestion Control for SCTP in Ad-Hoc Networks", 2004
  • Zhengliang Yi, "Analytical Modeling of SCTP and Load Balancing SCTP, 2005
  • Omar, H. ; "An Integrated Platform for Multicast, Reliable Multicast and Quality of Service Support in the Regional Registeration Mobile-IP Environment,"Septemebr 2002. (Now with Verizon)
  • Youssef, S.; "Bandwidth Allocation in ATM Networks Using Neural Networks," April 1999, (now with Lucent).
  • Shuaib, K.; "PerformanceEvaluation and De-Jitteringfor the Transport of
  • Multimedia Traffic over ATM Networks," April 1999, (now with Lucent).
  • Meky,M.; "Perceptual-based Objective Measure for Speech Quality," 1998, (now with AT&T).
  • Meng, Zhueng; "S++-GA: A High Performance MAC Protocol," 1997, (now with CUNY).
  • Zhang, Ziang.; "Interparticipant Synchronization in Real-Time Multimedia Conference Using Feedback, 1997, (now with AT&T).
  • Hussein ELsayed, "ATM Flow Control," 1997
  • Zarros, P.; "Multimedia Network Synchronization for Real-Time Applications," December 1995 (now with First Boston Bank).
  • Tarraf, A.; "Neural Network Implementation of Flow Control Techniques in ATM," April 1994, (now with Lucent).
  • Saleh, M.; "Simulation of A Flow Control Technique for Broadband Networks" 1993, (now with AT&T).
  • Habib, Ibrahim; "Video Multiplexing for Broadband Networks," Sept. 1991, (now
  • with CUNY-CCNY).
  • Hussien, T.; "Infrared Vehicle Detector," 1993, co-mentor.
  • Mian, M.; " Meteor Burst Networking," (now with AT&T Bell Lab).
  • Mathew, J.; "Broadband Switch Architecture," (now with IBM).
  • Wang, W.; " BandwidthAllocation Strategies in BroadbandNetworks,"August 1989, (nowwithBellNorthernResearch).
  • Aminjaffari, A.; "Circuit Switched Routing in the IntegratedServices
  • Digital Network," September 1987, (now with New York Institute of Technology).
  • Abdelnomen, A.; "Performance Analysis of Spread Spectrum PacketNetworks," December 1986, (now with AT&T Bell Lab).
  • Gerakoulis, D.; "Multi-Beam Satellite Channels; the Access and the Switching
  • Problems," October '84, (now with AT&T Bell Lab).
  • Roy, R.; "Analysis of Multihop Packet Radio", August '84, (now with AT&T Bell Lab).

Master Dissertation Supervision

  • Borkovic, Verica; "Integration of Voice and Data Using CSMA/CD; Simulation", CCNY '84. 2. Metwalli, k.; "Computer Network Topology Design," Dec.1984 3.
  • Richard Ali, "Design of Local Area Network Using Power Lines," Dec.1984.
  • Membership in Professional Societies IEEE (Institute of Electrical and
  • Electronics Engineers) IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Computer Society
  • American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE).