Philosophy and Mission

The mission of the New Student Experience Center is to assist our new freshman and transfer students in achieving their educational goals by empowering them with information, and providing support, guidance, and encouragement during the transitional process.   In concrete terms, this means that the primary goal of a student’s time with the NSEC is the development of an academic plan that will allow them to solidify their affiliation with a particular school or division, if not a particular academic department or major. We also want to provide support to students in the midst of personal difficulties, provide a sense of belonging on campus, and help students connect to the broader college community.

To do so, the NSEC provides students with academic advising, personal coaching, a welcoming transitional community, career/major exploration events, and individual career/major guidance. The NSEC practices a holistic, proactive, and intrusive brand of advising.  We make it a priority to develop a relationship with each student, so that the advising experience is as beneficial to the student as possible. We will help students realize what their goals are and assist with their growth and development by helping students define realistic educational career goals and plans.  We also encourage our students to take an active role in our office by leading initiatives and providing helpful feedback to further bring our community together.