Continuity of Work

Dear CCNY Staff,

Working at a distance, while offering new advantages to establish innovative approaches to our daily work, also means adding new contact methods for each of us who work with the general campus public, including new student prospects. 

As we look at ways to ensure the continuity of our work, we recognize that the issue of managing incoming calls and voicemail responses is a high priority for the college. It is imperative that we maintain communications with our community, even when working from a distance.  I realize that the logistics of determining who should answer the line may be a challenge but we must continue to be responsive and that means, at a minimum, your main departmental number should be transferred so it is answered by someone in real time as often as possible. 

The way our phone system works, a phone can be transferred in one of two ways, you can transfer the number from the handset (must be on campus) or you can make a request to telecommunications ( ) to transfer the number for you.  The limitation here is that unlike some offices where multiple phones are programmed with the main number, the transfer will only go to one phone number. To provide a workaround for this limitation, each department could set up a cloud-based phone number with an application like Google Voice, Talkatone or others.  This way, the departmental manager could assign times where different people could manage the cloud-based phone number through an application. The Telecommunications department is available to assist you in making the correct choice for your needs.

Regardless of how this is handled, it must be handled.  The following is a list of main numbers that are not transferred.  Please note that some of these departments may have staff that are on campus and are answering phones or may have others means for ensuring all customers are responded to in a timely matter.  For those of you who don’t, you need to designate a phone number to transfer your main line.  Additionally, if you need your personal desk line transferred, please make a request to the Service Desk or Telecommunications ( ).

Aaron Davis Hall 6900
Academic Standards 8113
Academic Technology Services 5480
Accounts Payable 7321
Affirmative Action 7331
Alumni 7278
Animal Care Facility 8515
Architecture 7118/7119
Asian Studies Program 6375
Chemistry 6934
Biomedical Engineering 5504
Budget Office 7221
Center of Advance Technology 7066
Center for Analysis of Structures and Interfaces 6953
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 6816
Center for International Bio-Medical Research 6601
Chemical Engineering 7232
City College Fellowships 8388
City College Funds 6525/6526
City College Partnership 5187
Civil Engineering 8000/8001
Research and Sponsored Programs 5143
Colin Powell School 8551
Computer Science 6631/6632
Continuing and Professional Studies 7312
CUNY Environmental Crossroads Initiative 7042
CUNY Institute for Macromolecular Assemblies 8916
Department of Recreation and Campus Fitness 6189
Dominican Studies 7496
DoS/CCAPP Office of Student Success 5780
Earth and Atmospheric Science 8218
Education 7262
Electrical Engineering 7248/7249
Energy Institute 8149
Engineering 7036
English 5407/5408
Environmental Health & Occupational Safety 5080
Evaluation and Testing 6488/6492
Executive Counsel to the President 8276
Faculty Senate 5365
Finance and Administration 5171
Financial Accounting 5010
Food Services 6771
Gateway Academic Center 6115
Gateway to Higher Education 8822
Grants and Sponsored Programs 5418
History 7137/7138
Honors Center 6917
Humanitites & the Art 8166
Information Center 5338
Institue for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers 5531
Institutional Advancement and Communications 6557
International Relations 5244
International Student and Scholar Services 8106/8107
International Studies 5842
Jewish Studies Program 7522
Langston Hughes Festival 6353
Latin American and Latino Studies 6763
MARC/RISE Program 8560
Mechanical Engineering 8705
Media and Communication Arts 5357
Music 5411
NAC Computer Lab 6843
New York City Alliance 5336
New York Public Interest Research Group 5047
Office of student Engagement 8290
Philosophy 7291
Premedical Studies 6622
Procurement 5252
Promathean 6496
Institutional Research 6480
Psychological Center 5669
Psychology 6602
Publishing 7925
Radio Station WCCR 5027
Radio Station WHCR 7480
Remote Sensing Lab 7591
Research Center in Minority Institutions 8300
Skadden, Arps Honors Program in Legal Studies 8593
Sociology 5485
Student Government 8175/8176
Student Life&Leadership Development 5002
Student Newspaper 5029
Student Support 6829/6825
Study Abroad 8592
Tech Center 5571
Theatre and Speech 6666
University Transportation Research CTR 8053
WHCR-FM 7147
Women's Studies 494
Writing Center 8104
Zahn Innovation Center 7434

Thank you,

Ken Ihrer
Vice President of Operations
The City College of New York

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