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Zeev Dagan

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Zeev Dagan


Steinman Hall ST - 152
Phone Number: 
(212) 650-8013

Ph.D., 1981, The City University of New York  M.E., 1978, The City College of New York B.E., 1977, The City College of New York

Courses Taught

Low Reynolds number hydrodynamics Interfacial phenomena Cooling of electronic equipment and nucleate boiling heat transfer.

Research Interests

Professor Dagan has developed a semi-analytical approach to describe the axisymmetric Stokes motion of spherical particles and bubbles towards an orifice. He has also investigated the influence of surfactants of low solubility on the motion of fluid particles and interfaces, and the thermocapillary-driven migration of drops and bubbles. His work in microelectronic heat transfer has focused on the experimental study of Fluorinert multijet impingement cooling of arrays of microelectronic chips. More recently he has been working on the development of a theoretical understanding of nucleate boiling by examining the heat transfer to bubbles growing on a liquid-solid interface. Professor Dagan was the director of the National Science Foundation sponsored ECSEL coalition at The City College.  

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