Simone K. Tarver

Associate Executive Director of Marketing & Communications

Main Affiliation

Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications & External Affairs

Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Data Analytics
  • Ethnography
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications


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Simone K. Tarver

Publications and Presentations

Media influence on potential jurors considering the use of technology in criminal trials
Publication / Presentation date:  Oct 2013 ( IACIS 2013 Proceedings - Puerto Rico)

Written / Presented in conjunction with:
Dr. Karen Paullet (Robert Morris University)
Dr. Gary Davis (Robert Morris University)


Mobile technologies, social media, and crowdsourcing: how students get their local news
Publication / Presentation date: Oct 2012  (ISECON 2012 Proceedings – New Orleans, LA) 
Publication / Presentation description:  The ways we receive and the sources we rely onto deliver the news are changing. The main interface for local news consumption is beginning to shift toward mobile devices (Purcell, Rainie, Rosenstiel, & Mitchell, 2011). The goal of this research is to explore four phenomena. The first of which is whether students’ use of mobile computing devices such as smart phones, iPods, tablets, and other like technologies have an impact on how students consume local and national news. The second is to identify if distinct patterns exist among a college aged population. The third is to determine if habit forming behavior suggested by Diddi and LaRose(2006), which causes the population to seek out traditional forms of media as a source for news, can be replaced with new habits produced by a younger generation of news seekers with access to more advanced forms of media. Lastly, is to explore whether college aged students value news enough to pay for it and in what delivery mode.

Written / Presented in conjunction with:
Dr. Jennifer Breese (Robert Morris University /Middle Georgia State University)
Maura Vitelli (B3 Group)