Ph.D. Requirements and Goals


Course requirements for the Ph.D. degree include a minimum of 90 academic credits (up to 15 credits can be transferred in from other accredited Master's Programs in Psychology at the discretion of the Program Director) completed within the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, 500 hours of face to face clinical work at the Psychological Center, a year-long internship requirement, and defense of a dissertation thesis. The curriculum has broad and general courses as well as treatment-oriented and specialized courses. We offer sequences in research methods, assessment, clinical practica, theory, psychopathology, evidence-based treatments, and diversity & difference.

Dissertations in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology may consist of a broad range of topics and methods. Typically, our students are on internship after their fourth or fifth year, having completed the dissertation proposal prior to applying for internship. Required course work can be completed within three years, in-residence clinical training in four years. See our path to degree page for a model sequence of courses.