Institutional Information for Proposals

This page provides frequently asked key institutional information in the pre-award and post-award management.  For more details, please contact the Grants and Sponsored Programs (GSP) office as listed below.

Awardee Name

While you are submitting a proposal, either CCNY as the lead institution or as the subaward institution, all awards are managed through CUNY fiscal agent, the Research Foundation of CUNY. Therefore, when you are entering the awardee information, you should enter the following:

The Research Foundation of CUNY on behalf of City College

or, a shorter abbreviation

The RFCUNY obo City College

The address should be entered as

230 W. 41st. Street
New York, NY 10036


Performing Site and Address

Usually this would be the City College of New York address, unless that your proposed activities would be conducted primarily at a different location outside the CCNY campus. In that case, please contact GSP office first.

The City College of New York, CUNY
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031-9101

UEI Number (Unique Entity ID)

UEI stands for Unique Entity I.D. This is an ID assigned through the registration. For submitting a proposal, you should use the following UEI:


DUNS Number

DUNS number for the entity "RFCUNY obo City College" is 


This was the unique ID number used by the federal agency to identify an entity with. However, the use of DUNS number is now replaced with the UEI number above on this page. You should not need this number in most cases now for proposal submissions. If questions, please consult with GSP office for discussion on its use.



Congressional District

City College of New York: NY-013

Research Foundation of CUNY: NY-010

CEC Number


IACUC Assurance Number

D16-00433 (A3733-01)

IRB Assurance Number


Indirect Cost Rate / F&A Rate/ Overhead Rate

Indirect Cost Rate (IDC Rate) is often known as Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Rate or the Overhead Rate. At CCNY, we use IDC or F&A Rates interchangeably and often. Indirect costs includes building and equipment depreciation, utilities, custodial services, general administration, research administration, libraries, etc. That's why it is also known as the Facilities and Administrative costs. The IDC rate used at CCNY to calculate the costs necessary for a project is based on the federally negotiated rate. Currently established at

  • 57% for research,
  • 45% for other sponsored programs, and
  • 26% for off-campus programs.

A copy of the latest rate agreement with the federal government is available for download (Rate Agreement FY21-FY23).

Fringe Benefit Rates

Fringe Benefit Rates for Research Personnel


Pool Definition of Pool Category   Rate
Full time and Part time A

Full time Employees scheduled to work 70 or more hours per bi-weekly pay period and paid on an annual basis.

Part time Employees scheduled to work more than 38 hours and less than 70 hours per bi-weekly pay period and paid on an hourly basis.

36.5% (Effective 4/1/2022)

Part time B and Sabbatical Part time employees scheduled to work no more than 38 hours per bi-weekly pay period and paid on an hourly basis. CUNY Faculty who are on Sabbatical Leave. 8% (Effective 4/1/2022)

Released Time

CUNY Faculty and Tax-levy Staff released to work on a grant or contract. 51.7% (Effective 7/1/2022)
Summer Salary CUNY Faculty who are receiving Summer Salary payments. 26.7% (Summer 2019-2021) 
Adjunct CUNY Adjunct reimbursements. 13.4% (Effective 7/1/2022)
Graduate Research Assistant Foreign students holding F1 or J1 Student Visa who have been in the U.S. for less than 5 years and are FICA exempt. 2.0% (Effective 9/30/2019)


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