Physics PhD Mentors at CCNY, 2013

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Alfano, Robert
pico-and femtosecond spectroscopy of solids, liquids, and biophysics; laser optics; medical applications of photonics

Dean, Cory
nano-electronics in solid state devices; strongly correlated electrons and novel quantum materials.

Gayen, Swapan
photonics, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, optical imaging of biological and turbid media
Greenberger, Daniel neutron interferometry; quantum theory; relativity; history and philosophy of science
Gunner, Marilyn
computational molecular biological physics; electron and proton transfer reactions; solar energy

Koder, Ronald
experimental biological physics; de novo biomimetic design of proteins
Koplik, Joel
theoretical fluid mechanics; molecular dynamics of fluid flow
Krusin-Elbaum, Lia
physics of complex nanostructured materials; strong electron correlations; quantum phase transitions; superconductivity
Makse, Hernan
condensed matter, granular matter; soft condensed matter physics
Meriles, Carlos
novel magnetic resonance, optical NMR
Nair, V. P.
quantum field theory
Petricevic, Vladimir laser crystals, lasers, optical communications, ultrafast spectroscopy, growth of solid-state laser materials, laser development, photonics, spectroscopy of ions in solids, ultrafast phenomena

Polychronakos, Alexios
quantum field theory, mathematical physics

Sarachik, Myriam
physics of solids at low temperatures, MI transitions, magnetic materials, molecular magnetism
Schmeltzer, David
theoretical condensed matter; many body physics
Shattuck, Mark
experimental fluid mechanics, transport processes, complex fluids
Steinberg, Richard
research in physics/science education
Tiburzi, Brian
research in High Energy Physics; theoretical nuclear and particle physics; chiral symmetry breaking, lattice gauge theory, electroweak properties of the nucleon

Tu, Jiufeng
experimental condensed matter physics, optical spectroscopy, optical studies of correlated systems and nanosystems, infrared and Raman studies of superconductors and nanosystemsphysics
Vitkalov, Sergey
experimental condensed matter physics, low temperature physics, microwave physics
Crouse, David
Ghose, Ranajeet
structural biology of signal trans- duction, protein dynamics; NMR methodology
Lazaridis, Themis
modeling of protein-membrane interactions and molecular recognition
Rumschitzki, David
reaction engineering; transport and reaction aspects of artery disease
Stark, Ruth
protein-assisted fatty acid transport, melanin and plant biopolymer assemblies; NMR methodology
Tamargo, Maria
molecular beam epitaxy growth and characterization of semiconductor materials for photonics and electronics
Tu, Raymond
biomolecular self-assembly using a set of rationally designed peptide-based building blocks