I am trying to submit a recommendation letter for an applicant, but the online recommendation form is not working. What should I do?

Please email your recommendation letter to Jennifer Light, at jlight@ccny.cuny.edu .

I'm currently a member of another CCNY honors and/or scholarship program; can I still apply to the Skadden Program?

Yes. Students with an interest in applying to law school and pursuing a legal career are strongly encouraged to apply to the Skadden Program.

I'm having trouble completing my application; is somebody from the program available to guide me through the application process?

Yes. Program staff is always willing to guide students through the application process and answer any question regarding the program. We encourage students to contact Jennifer Light at jlight@ccny.cuny.edu or telephone (212-650-8704). Also, students can request an appointment to meet with program staff in person.

I'm an out-of-state student and I’m considering transferring to CCNY. Can I apply to the Skadden Program?

Yes, the program is open to transfer students. Please submit official transcripts from all colleges you have attended.

I'm an international student; can I apply to the program?

Yes. The Skadden Program is open to resident and nonresident aliens.

I don't qualify for financial aid; can I still get the Skadden Program scholarship?

Yes. Regardless of your financial need, all Skadden Scholars are eligible to receive the program’s scholarships. The Skadden Program scholarships are merit-based.

If selected for the program, when does my commitment with the program begin?

The Skadden Program begins with a Summer Institute that is usually scheduled in late July. Participation in the Summer Institute is required of all new Skadden Scholars.

I don't have a 3.3 GPA; can I still apply to the Skadden Program?

Yes. We understand that students sometimes go through difficult situations that impact their academic performance and GPA. In the past, we have selected students with lower GPAs whose transcripts demonstrated that the student is working hard to improve their academic achievement. Often, students will submit a brief explanation of why they believe the lower grades do not reflect the quality of their work and academic potential (i.e., illness, problem in family, etc.).

What is the mini LSAT diagnostic? Do I need to study for the diagnostic?

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test that is required for admission to law school. As part of the Skadden Program application process, students are required to take a short version of the LSAT. Students don’t need to study or prepare for this mini-diagnostic; they are just expected to show up. The test takes between one hour and 45 minutes to two hours

How do I apply to the Skadden Program?

If you are a current CCNY student you need to complete CCNY’s online scholarship application and provide all the supplemental materials requested on page 12. If you are a transfer student you need to apply to CCNY and complete CCNY’s online scholarship application. You do not have to be accepted at CCNY to apply to the program. You can apply while your CCNY application is pending. All applicants need to provide the following information and supplemental materials:

  1. Demographic information
  2. Official transcript of current school
  3. Official transcript of all higher education institutions ever attended
  4. Resume
  5. Personal statement
  6. Writing sample
  7. Two letters of recommendation
  8. Take the LSAT mini diagnostic