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LRC - Academic Support Services

Sophie Davis Biomedical Education/CUNY School of Medicine

LRC - Academic Support Services

The Learning Resource Center's (LRC) academic support services include peer tutoring, reference books and materials, review workshops, and study groups for many of the biomedical courses. The LRC also provides access to computer facilities for the biomedical students, and maintains an excellent resource library. In addition, the LRC provides academic counseling to help students develop and implement strategies to enhance their performance and achieve their career goals.

Computer Facilities

The LRC operates two Windows based computer labs: the SEASONS lab and the LRC CLASSROOM lab that houses a total of thirty-five workstations for student use. These labs are open for use during the normal business hours.
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Study Rooms

The LRC has two study rooms, which are available for use by Sophie Davis students during the LRC office hours. Students can use the study rooms for individual use or group study.  LRC study rooms can be reserved, in advance, for small group study.

Resource Library

The LRC has reference and course textbooks for required courses in the Sophie Davis curriculum. These books are available for use within the LRC upon request. Our library also has Q-banks and photographic atlases for student use.

Microscope Slides

The LRC provides microscope slides for Histology and Pathology. Reservations must be made, in person, preferably at least 48 hours in advance to view microscope slides.
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Tutoring Service

The LRC's tutoring services include: peer tutoring, review workshops, and group study. Tutoring is available at no cost to each student enrolled in the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. The LRC also provides study rooms and course materials for group study and review workshops.
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Academic Counseling

The LRC provides academic counseling to help students develop and implement strategies to enhance their academic performance and achieve their career goals. 
Joy Richards is the Academic Counselor and you can contact her at (212)650-5474/7092 to make an appointment.