Workshops and Information Sessions

Workshops and Informational Sessions

SSSP holds many in-person workshops and information sessions during the academic year. These workshops, usually on Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:45pm, include:

Financial Aid and Financial Literacy

Study Abroad

Career Development and Exploration

Awards, Internships and Fellowships

Academic Programs/Program Planning

Graduate School Admission



SSSP tutors have created a series of presentations that can be viewed any time on Youtube.  Click on any title below to view that workshop. 

Balancing Chemical Equations (CHEM 103/104--created by Malek Ayoub and Selina Zaman)

Rules for Derviatives in Calc 1 (MATH 201--created by Jiahua Li)

Test Taking Strategies (includes strategies to handle test anxiety--created by Mariya Considine)

Factoring Made Easy (MATH 190--created by Matthew Rosario)

Pursuing Research Internships (created by Louis Zannou)

How to Tackle a Lab Report (created by Nashra Naushad)

Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (CHEM 261--created by Fathema Uddin)

Fourier Series (MATH 391--created by Muhammad Attiyab)

*A special thanks to Linwood Fitts for producing and recording the original e-workshops.  Our gratitude as well to Xinyu Xiong for his technical assistance.