Demo Day Voting

2020 Startup Competition Demo Day

Meet the student-led startups in our 2020 competition, listen to their ideas, check out their prototypes, and vote for your favorites!

Here at the Zahn Center we’ve been working with the students in our competition for the past few months, and cannot wait to share their progress with you. Meet the CCNY startups vying for prizes totaling $150,000. You’ll vote for the Audience Choice Award on the Pre app.

We are giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to the Top Investor! Winners for Audience Choice Award and Top Investor will be announced at our 2020 Startup Competition Virtual Final Pitch on Thursday, September 24th.

Kaylie Hardware

The Kaylie Connected Hardware Prize was developed and sponsored by CCNY Alum Harvey Kaylie, Founder of Mini-Circuits. This category celebrates all things hardware, and the devices in this category are created in our fully equipped MakerLab. Qualified startups include physical products and devices that may or may not include a connected (smart) technological aspect.

Makes the roads safer by combining cutting edge biosensor technology with the automobile industry.
A pre-diagnostic tool for high cholesterol.

Zahn Social

The Zahn Social Impact Prize is sponsored by the Moxie Foundation. This category acts as a catalyst for the spread of social entrepreneurship on campus, and encourages students to develop a global perspective on impact. Startups in this category were challenged to build ventures with a sustainable revenue model, whose primary objective is social change or environmental stewardship. They may pursue either a nonprofit or for-profit model.

An environmental fitness app.
Develops skincare that bring physical and emotional relief to those with minor to severe skin conditions, like eczema.

Zahn Technology

The Zahn Technology Prize is sponsored by the Moxie Foundation. Startups in this category were challenged to develop ventures that use technology to solve problems otherwise untouched. Their products include transformative new apps, web platforms, database tools, e-commerce sites, or technological devices.

A peer-to-peer streetwear marketplace where buyers can get crowdsourced authentication.
Helps people make informed and fearless food decisions through community-based knowledge.

Standard Chartered Women + Tech 4NYC

The Standard Chartered Women + Tech4NYC Prize is sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank as part of the Women in Technology Incubator at the Zahn Center. The category celebrates the role of women in building “Silicon Alley.” Startups were challenged to leverage technology to address challenges in urban environments. By nature, many of the startups in this category have a social impact mission at their core, and may consider nonprofit status in the future.

Impact advertising for small to mid size nonprofit organizations.
A youth focused, nonprofit organization that aims to break the stigma of mental health in the South Asian community.
A startup developing a community-based parking app.

Instructions on how to vote:

View video pitches and vote for your favorite startup on the Pre: Play with Our Money app.

Voting will close on 9/23 at 11:59pm! Vote for your favorite teams by investing $10,000 of preMoney (fake money). You can change your investments at any time prior to the competition closing. 

Here’s how you can vote for your favorite team and compete to be the top investor:

Step 1: Download the Pre app. Link: Pre: Play With Our Money or access the web platform on

Step 2: Create a preInvestor account and sign in. Enter event code: 1002

Step 3: View videos and invest/vote with the preMoney received for this event

Step 4: Reach out to startups via Message in the app to ask any questions or share comments, etc.