Demo Week 2023

2023 Startup Competition Demo Week (May 1 - May 5


The Kaylie Connected Hardware Prize was developed and sponsored by CCNY Alum Harvey Kaylie, Founder of Mini-Circuits. This category celebrates all things hardware, and the devices in this category are created in our fully equipped MakerLab. Qualified startups include physical products and devices that may or may not include a connected (smart) technological aspect.



Guardian is a wearable camera paired with a user-friendly design that will give you and your love ones security and peace of mind.


Hobbs is a digital weight machine that allows you to work out at home.

The Cone Screw

The Cone Screw is a funnel that attaches cones on and off easily to fill them optimally.




AfroCrops is a farmer’s coalition to help farmers develop their agri-businesses in African nations.

Healing Arts

Healing Arts provides painting classes with an approach of art therapy as a healing tool for senior citizens.


I AM LIT is a virtual mentoring organization that offers inexpensive self publishing and marketing workshops for aspiring authors of African American children's book.

Set Settal

Set Settal is an organization that aims to reduce and obliterate the presence of E-Waste everywhere.

Standard Chartered Women + Tech

The Standard Chartered Women + Tech Prize is sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank as part of the Women in Technology Incubator at the Zahn Center. The category celebrates the role of women in building businesses leveraging technology. This year, startups in this category were challenged to solve for inequality. 


Carella is a virtual platform to find auto parts at the best price.


HybridRaw is creating sustainable sanitary pads.

Rx Reminder

Rx Reminder is an application that will remind the elderly to take their medication.


The Zahn Software Prize is sponsored by the Irwin Zahn. Startups in this category were challenged to develop ventures that use technology to solve problems otherwise untouched. Their products include transformative new apps, web platforms, database tools, e-commerce sites, or technological devices.

ARLE Clothing
ARLE Clothing is an automated apparel authentication platform.

Autism Bridge

Autism Bridge is a mobile platform that closely connects job seekers with ASD to employers.


MEDtalk is a mobile application helping non-English speakers communicate in a hospital environment.

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