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AccessAbility Center (Student Disability Services)


If you are interested in registering for services, please complete the Intake Form and bring it with you, along with documentation of your disability, to the AccessAbility Center. Copies of the Intake Form are also available in the office.

Please consult the Documentation Guidelines to find out what documentation you need to submit along with the Intake Form in order to register with the AccessAbility Center.

If we need to speak to your medical provider, you will need to complete a Permission to Release Information form.

If you are already registered with the AccessAbility Center, please complete a Accommodation Memo Request Form at the start of each semester and submit it to the office. You will then receive memos to provide to your professors to inform them that you are registered with the AccessAbility Center and to indicate the accommodations you receive.

If you receive testing accommodations, please complete the Examination Request Form along with your professor and return it to the AccessAbility Center at least five days prior to your scheduled quiz or exam.

When funds allow, the AccessAbility Center provides 2 hours per week of 1:1 tutoring as a supplementary service to registered students. Please complete a Tutor Request form to be matched up with a tutor who has received a B+ or better in the class in which you need tutoring. Please click here to find out about all of the tutoring services available at City College.