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Student Life and Leadership Development


2013-2014 USG Senators 

 Name  Position  Contact
 Mostafa Hassan  Engr Senator
 Abdulaziz Almasoudi  Engr Senator
 Zeeshan Saroya  Engr Senator
 Abir Khandaker  Engr Senator
 Kudzai Tunduwani  Engr Senator
 Malcolm Alexander   CLAS Senator
 Michael Cruz  CLAS Senator
 Sharmin Sultana  CLAS Senator
 Avery Samuel Toledo  CLAS Senator
 Asshur Cunningham  CLAS Senator
 Latchmee Ramnarine  CLAS Senator
 Nada Gamea  CLAS Senator
 Kenny Soto  CLAS Senator
 Syeda Sundus Mujahid  CLAS Senator
 Imran Ahmed  Bio-Med Senator
 Rasheda Browne  Bio-Med Senator
 Nithin Thampi  Bio-Med Senator
 Terrance Park  Bio-Med Senator