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Advertising and Public Relations

Master's in BIC

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The BIC Master of Professional Studies combines theory and practice in an interdisciplinary, multi-tracked curriculum that addresses the expanding opportunities and needs of marketing communications industries on behalf of both private and not-for-profit organizations.

Located in the media communications capital of the world, the BIC MPS program reinforces City College’s commitment to innovation, scholarship, and leadership. At a time when global, digital, and more immersive -- even tactile -- communications are rapidly evolving, BIC seeks to urgently examine and shape the new cross-disciplinary challenges of creating and managing brand identity in ways that not only benefit the bottom line, but add value to society. 

Research Class

Offering specialization depth in 3 critical communications disciplines (management, pubic relations, creative development), BIC’s portfolio-driven curriculum culminates in two collaborative capstone courses involving real life projects for industry and non-profit partners.

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