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Division of Humanities and the Arts

American Studies  2017-2018
Art  2013-2014
Asian Studies 2015-2106
Black Studies 2014-2015
English 2012-2013
Foreign Languages and Literature 2015-2016
History 2014-2015
Jewish Studies 2015-2016
Media and Communication Arts 2016-2017
Music 2014-2015
Philosophy 2015-2016
Rifkind 2016-2017
Theater and Speech
Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education
Interdisciplinary Studies 2013-2014
Division of Science
Biology 2014-2015
Chemistry 2013-2014
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 2013-2014
Mathematics 2012-2013
Physics 2017-2018
Premedical Studies
The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
Architecture 2017-2018
Urban Design/Landscape Architecture 2014-2015
The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership
Anthropology 2014-2015
Black Studies
Economics 2014-2015
International Relations
International Studies 2013-2014
Latin American and Latino Studies
Political Science 2015-2016
Pre Law
Psychology 2014-2015
Public Policy/Affairs
Public Service Management
Sociology 2016-2017
Women's Studies
The Grove School of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering 2016-2017
Chemical Engineering 2016-2017
Civil Engineering 2016-2017
Computer Engineering 2016-2017
Computer Science 2016-2017
Earth Systems and Environmental Science 2016-2017
Electrical Engineering 2016-2017
Mechanical Engineering 2016-2017
The School of Education 
Teaching, Learning, and Culture 2015-2016
Leadership and Special Education 2015-2016
Secondary Education 2015-2016
The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education
Bridge to Medicine
Physician's Assistant Program 2013-2014