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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Policy on vertebrate Animal use in Teaching

Policy on vertebrate Animal use in Teaching

Course directors are required to maintain approved IACUC protocol for the use of vertebrate animals in teaching laboratories. All permanent City college faculty and staff who participate in a course where vertebrate animals are used must meet the requirement listed under the Policy on Investigator Training.

It is not necessary for new laboratory instructors to receive IACUC training unless specified by the IACUC at the time of protocol approval. In most cases the course director is responsible for providing training to all teaching personnel prior to the use of animals in the laboratory. This training should take place in a session arranged for that purpose; in advance of student laboratory sessions. the course director should submit to the IACUC administrator, a list of his/her teaching staff at the beginning of each term.

In each student laboratory session, it is the responsibly of the laboratory instructor to train students who will be handling animals before they begin experiment. where possible, experiment should be designed in such a way that one student can be designated as the animal handler. the instructor should gather all of the animal handlers for a training session before experiments begin.