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Art Education


Students pursuing a masters degree in Art Education take a series of courses that emphasize critical approaches to teaching art in multiple settings, the social context of art education in society, contemporary research in art education, and the integration of one's artistic and teaching practices.

Foundations, Debates, and Approaches in Art Education

EDSE 4100: Methods of Teaching Art (Curriculum & Assessment) This course introduces the historical, cultural, and social foundations of art education.  Discussions about the nature of learning in the arts prepare students to develop their own idea-centered arts curricula and embedded assessment strategies. Includes 45 hours of fieldwork.

EDSE 4200F: Problems of Teaching Art (Identity, Community, & Culture in Art Ed.) This arts-integrated course explores the role of identity, culture, and community in multiple arts settings with an emphasis on building community amongst stakeholders in art education (teachers, students, parents, etc.).

EDUC 4300F: Workshops in Art Education (Materials, Methods, & Thematic Teaching) This course provides opportunities for students to practice teaching art with attention to the following concepts: scaffolding learning in the arts; student-driven teaching; teaching with contemporary art; theme-based lesson planning.

Research & Practice: Artists, Educators, Advocates

Art 5300E: Special Projects 1 (Research & Advocacy in Art Ed.) Students explore current research in art education and how it applies to their own work.  The class culminates in a self-directed research project.

Art 6300E: Special Projects 2 (Teaching & Creating: City Art Lab Practicum) Students investigate the intersection of their teaching practice and artistic practice while working with a group of NYC teenagers. The class culminates with a self-directed art project.

EDSE 0200I: Masters Projects Students develop an independent masters thesis project in conversation with classmates and faculty.

Courses in Education

In addition to coursework in art education, students pursue courses in the School of Education that prepare them to teach in urban schools. These courses emphasize adolescent development, reading and writing across the curriculum, special issues in education, and state requirements for certification.

Courses in Art & Art History

Students select courses in art history and studio art to augment their understanding of the nature of art and art-making in our society.