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Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software (CAISS)


Featured News

2014 Robert Kahn and Patrice Lyons Lecture
2014 Robert Kahn and Patrice Lyons Lecture
DOMINIC ORR: Turning Ideas Into Successful Businesses in Silicon Valley
April 10, 2014 | 12:30 pm | Steinman Hall

On-going Events

New York Group Theory Seminar

Fridays | 4:00pm
CUNY Graduate Center, Room 5417
Department of Mathematics
365 Fifth Avenue @ 34th Street
New York, NY 10016

MAR 28 | ASAF HADARI, Yale University
Automorphisms of Free Groups, Semidirect Products and their Associated Spectra

APR 11 | TIM SUSSE, CUNY Graduate Center
Stable Commutator Length in Amalgamated Free Products

Apr 25 | NIKOLAY ROMANOVSKIY, Novosibirsk University
Logical Aspects of the Theory of Rigid Solvable Groups

May 02 | BENJAMIN STEINBERG, The City College of New York / CUNY
Hyperplane Arrangements, CAT(0) Cube Complexes, and Koszul Algebras