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“Quantum Mechanics: Phases, Transitions and Entanglements”

  • Address
    City College of New York
    160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY  10031

    Shepard, 95

    p: 212.650.5516


  • Event Details

    80th Birthday Symposium in honor of
    Daniel Greenberger and Myriam Sarachik

    “Quantum Mechanics: Phases,
    Transitions and Entanglements”
    80th Birthday Symposium in honor of
    Daniel Greenberger and Myriam Sarachik
    9:00 Welcome Remarks: Christine Li, Acting Dean of Science;
    Marilyn Gunner, Physics Department Chair
    9:30 Anton Zeilinger, "Danny Greenberger: Explorer of Real
    and Hilbert Space"
    10:10 Yoseph Imry, "Thermoelectric Transport in Disordered and
    10:50 Coffee Break
    11:05 Miguel Levy, "Photonic Nonreciprocity"
    11:20 Samuel Werner, "Danny Greenberger and the COW Experiment"
    11:35 Marlan Scully, "Paths into the Schrödinger Equation via
    Classical and Quantum Field Theories"
    12:15 Javier Tejada, "Myriam Sarachik and Magnetic Deflagration"
    12:30 Lunch, Faculty Dining Room, North Academic Center, 3rd Floor
    2:00 Wolfgang Schleich, "Wave-particle dualism and complementarity
    unraveled by a different mode"
    2:20 Jonathan Friedman, “The Discovery of Tunneling in Mn12Ac”
    2:35 Steven Kivelson, "Myriam Sarachik Vol. LXXX:
    The Unexpected Metal"
    3:15 Eugene Chudnovsky, "Myriam Sarachik and Quantum
    Tunneling of the Magnetic Moment"
    3:55 Coffee Break
    4:10 Michael Horne, “2-Particle Momentum Conservation
    via Huygen’s Principle”
    4:30 Laura Greene, “Kondo, Fano, ...Detecting Electron Matter”
    4:45 Philip Phillips, "Does a Divergent Thermopower Indicate a
    Quantum Phase Transition in the 2D Electron Gas?''
    5:00 Mark Hillery, "How Danny, Michael, and Anton (and Charlie
    and Gilles) are responsible for my most cited research paper"
    5:15 Closing Remarks
    6:00 Dinner
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