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Remendable and “Self-healing” Cross-linked Polymers and Composite

  • Date
    Mon, May 13

    2:00 PM — 3:15 PM

    Steinman Hall 160 - Lecture Hall

    p: 212.650.5748


  • Event Details

    The Chemical Engineering Department would like to welcome Giuseppe Palmese from Drexel University

    Inspiration for the development of “self-healing” material systems comes from nature.  The ability to heal is a characteristic of living organisms. Cross-linked polymers or thermosets are often used in structural applications and as protective coatings.  The durability of these material systems could be enhanced if they were endowed with the ability to heal damage that develops during prolonged use.  The implementation of reversible Diels-Alder linkages for the design of remendable network polymers and their composites will be discussed.  Importantly, the influence of chemical kinetics and thermodynamics on the healing characteristics of these systems will be explored. Examples include the design of reversibly cross-linked gels, functional thermosets capable of self-healing with the application of reactive solutions, and remendable fiber-matrix interfaces.  In combination these examples provide the basis for the development of fully self-healing composites.

    Giuseppe R. Palmese is Professor and Head of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Drexel University where he is also Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. He holds a BSE (’86) in chemical engineering from Princeton University and a Ph.D. (’92) in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware.  Before joining Drexel University in 2000 he was the Assistant Director of University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials and held the position of Scientist.  Dr. Palmese’s research focuses on processing-structure-property relationships of thermosetting systems.  His current research thrusts include: multifunctional systems, nanocomposites, materials from renewable sources, and materials for biomedical applications.  Dr. Palmese is the PI and Director of the Army Materials Center of Excellence (MCOE) for polymers at Drexel University.  He has more than 100 publications and is an inventor on seven issued patents.