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Professional Recruitment Programs

What are the Professional Recruiting Programs?
Our Professional Recruiting Programs (PRP) are two separate programs by which graduating students and recent alumni (within one year of graduation) seeking full-time, career-track, professional employment are introduced to private, public, and non-profit employers recruiting at the college.

On-Campus Interview Program
The first of these two arrangements is the On-Campus Interview Program, wherein employment candidates must instruct The Career Center to direct their approved resumes to particular employers scheduled to interview on the City College campus during a particular semester. Those candidates "pre-selected" by an employer will then schedule themselves for an interview on the appointed day.

The On-Campus Interview Program requires participants to inform themselves regarding scheduled employers, their requirements (GPA, citizenship, etc.), salaries and benefits, and other vital issues; in addition, it is candidates' responsibility to ascertain whether or not they have been pre-selected, and to schedule an interview appointment.

Resume Referral Program
The Resume Referral Program offers employment search opportunities to all participating candidates; it is, however, of greatest value to those seeking positions with employers which, for whatever reason, are not likely to conduct employment interviews at CCNY or any other college campus.

A candidate participates in the Resume Referral Program by simply giving his or her prior written authorization to The Career Center to direct his or resume to employers, and for positions, the Center deems appropriate.

Any subsequent interaction takes place directly between candidate and employer, with interviews generally scheduled to occur at the latter's location.

What are the Benefits of Participation?
There are significant benefits to be derived from participation beyond the obvious benefit of securing employment. These benefits include, but are not limited to: 

  • assistance with development of your resume, resulting in an attractive, polished, professional document, useful for all purposes in your employment search, whether at CCNY or elsewhere. 
  • the opportunity to acquire a wealth of information on actual current salaries, benefits, working conditions, advancement opportunities, etc. at employers in your field of interest. 
  • the opportunity to acquire significant interview experience, and the resulting confidence and skill enhancement, under actual conditions; this is, again, independently of whether or not you actually receive or accept employment offers via the Professional Recruiting Programs at City College.

Who is Eligible to Participate?
Participation in The Career Center's Professional Recruiting Programs is open to all students who have successfully completed ninety (90) credits toward the Bachelor's degree. Master's, doctoral candidates, as well as recent alumni of all programs, are also eligible to participate. In addition, 

  • candidates for full-time technical (computer science and engineering) positions must have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, while 
  • candidates in all other academic disciplines seeking full-time positions must have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. 

In general, participating individuals will be required to demonstrate the minimum cumulative GPA and/or major GPA specified by recruiting employers. Similarly, student and recent alumni participants will be responsible to observe individual employers' requirements with respect to U.S. citizenship, permanent residency, etc.

Candidates unsure of their eligibility should speak with the Associate Director for Recruitment and Placement.