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News Updates

New Low-Flow Fixtures

To ensure clean, safe, and reliable drinking water for future generations of New Yorkers, the Department of Environmental Protection has started repairs on the Delaware Aqueduct. The Delaware Aqueduct provides more than half of New York City's high-quality drinking water every day from reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains. In order to repair the leaking segments of the aqueduct, a 2.5 mile-long bypass tunnel must be built around it. The existing Delaware Aqueduct will stay in service while the bypass tunnel is under construction. Once the bypass tunnel is nearly complete, the existing tunnel will be taken out of service and excavation will begin to connect the bypass tunnel to the structurally sound portions of the existing aqueduct. This work is anticipated to happen late in the year 2021. Water supply augmentation and conservation measures must take place, thus giving residents in the five boroughs initiative to conserve their water supply.  Seeing this as a great opportunity to continue our stride towards a sustainable campus, CCNY has partnered with the DEP to implement a cost-effective water conservation and efficiency project in which low-flow fixtures will be replaced with high-efficiency models campus-wide. This project will help to conserve thousands of gallons of water per day, by reducing the amount of water wasted per toilet/urinal per each use; this project being another great step towards CCNY's commitment to sustainability. Learn more about this oncoming project.

 DEP Aqueduct Project

Battery Disposal

CCNY Green believes that our campus community should apply sustainable practices both on campus and at home. The following link addresses this effort. From science majors to art majors, everyone interacts in some way with batteries. It is vital to know how to properly dispose of them. If you need assistance, or information regarding proper battery disposal, you can contact the CCNY Environmental Health and Operational Safety Office at ext: 5080.

New Vehicles

In our continued commitment of reducing our carbon footprint, CCNY has switched its vehicles from regular fuel powered to fuel-efficient, hybrid, or electrical vehicles. The latest additions to our fleet are two brand new "Blue Bird Vision" low sulfur diesel fuel.

The advantage of using low-sulfur diesel fuel is that the fuel has been refined.  Its sulfur content is 15 parts per million or less which are 97 percent cleaner than the standard highway-use diesel. Sulfur, a natural component of crude oil, is among the principal contributors to air pollution.

The new buses are called "The Vision" since the bus hood has been redesigned in an angular shape to increase driver visibility to increase safety.   

Hydration Stations

During Earth Day, CCNY inaugurated five new hydration stations on campus in addition to the three already installed. CCNY started installing hydration stations back in 2010. The stations had been very popular since then, but installing more stations in CCNY's gothic buildings was challenging.

After arduous work from our Building & Grounds personnel, 5 new locations were allocated and now the college community can enjoy fresh, clean, and sustainable water in 8 different locations on campus: 2 in Marshak, 2 in NAC, 1 in Steinman, 1 in Compton Goethals, 1 in Spitzer and 1 in Harris Hall.

Earth Day 2012

CCNY celebrated its annual Earth Day Festival on April 19th this year. President Lisa Coico, our leader in sustainability, initiated the annual event. City College carries out sustainable initiatives year round. For the third year in a row we were placed amongst the top "300 Green Colleges" in the United States.

The day was bright and festive, with music and surprises. CCNY Green was delighted to present students sustainable work exhibitions from various disciplines such as Engineering, Science, Art, Architecture, and featured participation of NOAA-CREST and the U.S. Department of Interior.

CCNY Green was honored by the presence of Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, NOAA, deputy administrator and first American woman to walk in space, and Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, speaker guest of CCNY's Interdisciplinary seminar Cycle on Climate Change. 

President Lisa Coico and Dr. Kathryn Sullivan

New Galleries Coming

Have you been to the galleries in the NAC cafeteria and the Marshak café? They get updated every semester and this one is no different. Keep a look out for sustainable, exciting, and artistically pleasing displays brought to you by CCNY Green.  

Cartoon person with water

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